Hunter and Joe Biden Caught Red Handed...Yet Again.

The past year has seen a trickle of information regarding the corruption of Hunter Biden and by extension (and more importantly) his father Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee for President. Less than a month ago the Senate released a bombshell report regarding Hunter's dealings with hostile nations including corruption with Burisma, payments from Moscow and China, and weird sex stuff. Flappr covered that here.

But now, the New York Post has dropped another bombshell on Wednesday morning. They obtained emails from Hunter's broken laptop showing how he connected Burisma executives with his father while he was Vice President, who just so happened to be overseeing Ukrainian policy at the time. Oh, and pictures of Hunter smoking his crack pipe.

Note: the below tweet originally included in the drafting of this story appears to have been nuked by Twitter. We kept it in to illustrate the blatant act of censorship and corruption (more on that later). But here is the link to the NY Post bombshell story for your reading pleasure.

Establishment media and Big Tech, two arms of the Biden campaign, immediately circled the wagons to protect Corrupt Joe and his crackhead son.

There is of course no proof of disinformation nor any reason to censor the story. Just blatant election interference and media malfeasance. A massive scandal in a sane country. Not to mention, these are the same knuckleheads who run with every anonymously sourced "bombshell" about Trump that end up as fake news within 48 hours. But God forbid someone produce actual documents and hard evidence about a Democrat. Must be a Russian disinformation plot!

And not only are they going to pretend its false, or just straight up ignore it, they will lambast anyone who dares to even mention it. Just read the insane replies to Maggie Haberman...

RedSteeze and Treacher basically nailed this phenomena back in May. Ironically, we now find ourselves in a "But His Emails" situation.

But back to what is really important. Lets not forget that Sleepy Joe has claimed countless times that he never spoke to his son Hunter about his work with Burisma or various foreign business dealings (which he was wildly unqualified for).

But the email from Vadym Pozharskyi, the number three man at Burisma, makes it very clear that was all a crock of shit.

A real press, one who was not corrupt and completely in the tank for the Democrat party and Joe Biden, would be hammering him for answers on this. They wouldn't let him run away from it and claim it was all debunked or a bunch of lies. But alas...

The fact of the matter is that Joe Biden is a liar and a crook. He has been for decades. Joe was the one who held power in elected office (with Beau his heir apparent to take that mantle) and Hunter was the one making sleazy corrupt deals around the globe off the influence of the Biden name and standing in government. How much more evidence do people need exactly? Does anyone really believe that the near 80 year old man with blatant cognitive issues really just cares so much about the "soul of the nation" and not his own power and corruption? Come on, man.

Looks like we have finally found out the answer to our favorite president's question...

So as long as you do not vote in a few weeks for the guy who has been selling influence around the world by way of his crackhead son...the best will be yet to come.