Hollywood Starves For Attention While Americans Starve For Food And A Twitter Icon Helps The Latter

While businesses around America are suffering under the stringent lockdown orders of their states, and, consequentially for many, closing permanently, Hollywood remains steadfast in its never ending desire to demand your undying attention.

Hollywood is truly the standard barer for hope in these dark times. Whether it's Billie Eyelash ACTUALLY WRITING A SONG (imagine the concept of a singer writing a song),

or Hilarie Burton growing out her gray hair in "solidarity with front line workers",

or Madonna singing into a hairbrush

we can ALL rest assured that Hollywood will attempt to fill the gap, even if we never ask them to.

Despite the heroic acts of the mansion owning, pleb reprimanding, attention whores of California, every day Americans continue to lose jobs, businesses and the means to survive. Although they do take solace in the fact that "we are all in this together", the basic means to stay alive, such as food and water, grow increasingly unattainable.

Some people are *actually* taking notice, and doing what they can to help fill the gap for these people. One of these real heroes is Twitter sensation and icon @ComfortablySmug

Thru his merchandise website, Smug Industries, he is donating ALL PROCEEDS to Meals On Wheels America.

I may be a little biased, but I don't think it's incorrect to state the obvious. This is what caring and being in this together REALLY looks like. Per a Smug Industries spokesman, and obtained exclusively by Flappr, the total raise by Smug is up to $7,777.23.

This really is a perfect representation of, what I believe is, a core belief of the Left.

"What we (the Left) say is more important than what we do, and what you (the Right) do is less important than what you say".

You see, it doesn't matter at all what any of these virtue signalers do in real life. We should only be concerned about the platitudes they tweet from their mansions. After all, they've been given blue checkmarks to highlight their importance. Meanwhile, an anonymous account on Twitter actually does something to help, but because he might say politically incorrect things it doesn't matter. Meanwhile, the Left fills in their pulpits of self importance in their church of Twitter and they loudly preach their moral doctrine. Only to turn around in secret and violate all of their holy teachings.

In the end people are just going to have to decide for themselves who is truly in this together.

And I for one can't wait to receive my Smug Mug knowing every penny went to help someone less fortunate. I don't think the same can be said about purchasing a Billie Eyelash song she wrote ALL BY HERSELF.