Hollywood is Dead and Politics are the New Sports

Did you know The People’s Choice Awards 2020 was last night? Did you know Demi Lovato was the host? If you are like me, the answer to both questions is an emphatic "no." But if you were wondering, Cardi B and MEGAN THEE STALLION won best collaboration song with “Wet Ass Pussy”.

Welcome to 2020.

Ellen DeGeneres (who has faced backlash all year) won the People’s Choice Award for the Daytime talk show. I thought Ellen was cancelled.

Jennifer Lopez called for “unity” – a phrase embraced by the left since Biden and Kamala “won” the office of the president elect.

Are you sick of celebrities, or is that just me? People's Choice. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had faith in the “People’s Choice” for the Office of the President, as well as congress?

Did Ellen live streaming from her mansion talking about how she felt down during COVID make you feel better? So stunning, Ellen. So brave, Ellen. What about Madonna live streaming from her lavish bathroom in her bathtub, talking to us about fried fish?

For many people, including myself, we are sick of the condescending rich people telling us how to act, think and feel. This extends to sporting events as well. We use sports and entertainment and to escape from the real world. “Woke” culture has ruined traditional entertainment for many Americans. For me, politics are the new sports. I choose my team (I lean right), and vote for my team and cheer them on. I analyze the other team (the liberals) – and strategize ways my team can beat them. Hollywood, pop culture, celebrity-worship are dead, the Libs killed them. Fighting for America is all that remains, so let's fucking go.