Hidin’ Biden

We are 44 days into a Joe Biden presidency and for the most part its been extremely quiet.

The press is still obsessing over Trump for clicks and Biden hardly makes any public appearances and when he does he rarely takes questions. If he does answer a question it’s usually a softball lobbed by some corporate media shill running cover for Democrats. Honestly, it’s nice to not have the president shoved in your face everyday in a completely hysterical fashion like they did with Trump and I wouldn’t have a huge problem except there are disturbing signs that Biden is being shielded by his administration from public view. We all knew the man said “trunalimunumaprzure” and “batakafcare” most likely wasn’t playing with a full deck and that’s just being confirmed by different actions that both are being taken and not being taken.

First, he still hasn’t held a press conference.

We went from a president that would basically never shut up and would go toe-to-toe with corporate media hacks for well over an hour to one that now won’t hold a press conference. Why? It seems with subjects like the vaccine roll-out or the newest border crisis there’s plenty of subjects to discuss. Once he did take questions before taking the office and quite literally said “Let me get my list” before calling on reporters. There were also reports that Team Biden asked for reporters' questions in advance. Can you imagine the outrage if Team Trump had been accused of that?

There’s reports that Kamala Harris is quite literally doing the president’s job by talking with foreign heads of state. To be fair, this isn’t something that is unheard of but it’s usually the job of the president to have these discussions. Especially when talking with important allies like Canada and France. Why is Harris being tasked for these jobs? What is Joe Biden doing that is so important that he can’t talk to Trudeau and Macron?

I also have to give pause when watching Joe and his wife as she inserts herself into so much of any interview that they do together. Seriously, who elected her and why do we care for her opinion? She’s not elected and holds no government position. I understand she wants to defend her husband but it seems forced as if she’s trying to keep Biden from making a mistake. Is the man really not capable of defending his own policies? Does he really need Jill there to prop him up?

Have Democrats noticed all this and have they started getting worried? Just recently, a bi-partisan group of senators released a bill to limit the president's war powers, specifically by making it impossible for the president to launch nuclear weapons solely on his own. I’m not even opposed to this but it seems an odd time for Democrat senators to sign off on this. It was also odd the other day when doing a virtual meeting with House Democrats and he was cut off after saying he would take questions. No explanation was given and they edited that part for the video on-demand. It could be there was no time or it wasn’t planned but honestly – with everything else we are seeing it looks bad. Like really bad.

All these events COULD be coincidental for all I know. Maybe Biden is delegating Harris while he takes care of something more important. Maybe Jill Biden is just passionate about her husband and his administration. Maybe stripping war powers from the president has been a long time coming. However, we all had our doubts about Joe from the beginning and when you put it all together - it doesn’t look good. America needs a strong, confident president and it doesn’t seem that Biden is going to be that type of leader.