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Government is the Problem Part II: Whitmer is NOT Your Queen, Michigan

I don't like Democrats or Republicans. I vote Republican because I find they can (generally) represent my interests without a lot of nonsense better than members of the Libertarian or Constitution parties (who aren't getting elected) or the Whigs (who just don't exist anymore). Generally speaking, however, the whole lot of them are rubbish.

One of these rubbish people is Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI).

There are different levels of dishonesty. There's saying something without being sure and learning afterward that you're wrong. This makes you boorish, but not necessarily a bad person. Then there are people who are situationally dishonest because they or the loved ones' lives are in peril. Again, not optimal, but probably not bad people. From there, you get varying levels of willful dishonesty, gradually getting more and more sinister.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Ninth Level of Dishonesty Hell: Lansing, Michigan.

Only Governor Nation-State (D-CA) has attempted to put more draconian restrictions on the citizens he is supposed to serve.

Here is what is probably true: There is probably a large increase in cases of roughly COVID type diseases. Not that this column is into rampant speculation--we're not The Atlantic--but this is probably because COVID is an influenza virus and it's flu season.

What is definitely not true is that it's vital to wear masks, avoid large gatherings, and practice physical distancing. This isn't true because your dear columnist possess ESP; it's because Michigan has been closed since March and no real progress has been made.

Just how closed has Michigan been? - It practically took the threat of revolution to get Governor Whitmer to reverse her executive order banning the purchase of gardening supplies. And even then, you could only get them from stores larger than 50,000 sq/ft. Sorry, Mom & Pop hardware store or garden center. Veruka Salt wants you to starve.

- MHSAA nearly cancelled the entire high school football season under pressure from the state. Parent uprising got them to back off.

- Beaches, parks, boat docks, museums, drinking fountains, and more have only just come back, and are under threat again.

- Over 1000 festivals and events were cancelled this year in the summer vacation capital of America. This isn't even counting the ones that were cancelled multiple times.

That last one hurts deep, because there are lots of towns--especially in south east Michigan where your truly's Hoosier family often went for a getaway--depend on those to help drive their economies. One in particular was hilarious, because it was a soup cook-off. McDonald's: Okay. Soup in a bowl from your neighbor: Better step back, or else the virus will get you.

That last one gets to the heart of why Gretchen Whitmer does what she does, and in fact why Leftists do what they do in general. Leftists have no sense of community, because Leftism can only destroy, and so their best hope of controlling you is to rip your sense of community from you. Don't believe me?

There's no surge except in just general influenza, but the more important thing is this: Your holidays don't need to look any different. In fact, they shouldn't unless you're a ghoulish sociopath.

Let me make this very clear: Your grandparents, parents, and children want to hug you. And that's okay. Humans are social creatures, and those physical bonds are not just important to our mental and physical well-being, but they help reinforce important cultural values about love and the importance of family and friends.

Gretchen Whitmer wants to take that away from you because she views you as someone to be worked for her gain until you die. She's Jezebel without the sex appeal; a worshipper of Baal without the good pagan wine.

And as a thank you for allowing her to do everything she can to quite literally separate your soul from your body, she expects you to be grateful for it, and to in fact feel bad for her when people express displeasure that they're being treated like human cattle raised for the benefit of state appointed gods.

This a twofer, because it's everything that's so disgusting about this woman--if one can assign her those fairer qualities.

First off, her life was not in danger because of Trump, or Trump supporters. Her life was in danger because a nimrod FBI field agent ginned up an anarchist group. This same group wanted to target definitely not Leftist, definitely not female, definitely not a soulless cretin Governor Henry McMaster (R-SC).

Secondly, the only people those militias are intimidating is dictatorial miscreants like her, who would rather you be unarmed so that she can take away your rights, your families, and likely your humanity itself. She's irredeemable on a level that's astounding even among Leftists.

Words do matter, Governor Whitmer, like when a man begged you to take action to speed up the processing of welfare--a fair point since you murdered your entire state's livelihoods--and you cackled while asking if you could buy him a hot dog.

Other words that matter are words that come down from judicial rulings, both for and against you. In this case, against. You see, the citizens of Michigan took her to court over her executive orders which would have made even the Sun King blush. Freedom won. Whitmer's response?

As you can see, she's disappointed she's not allowed to own you. That's what she and other Leftists in both (D) and (R) clothing want. They want to own you because they don't believe in God, or even in liberty. They believe in Marx and all the evil that comes with him. They are the kings of men mentioned at the beginning of Exodus.

She wasn't disgusted at the thousands of deaths of despair her lockdowns created, or the lives her lockdowns ruined, or the societal decay they brought forth. She was disgusted that someone dare curb her power grab.

At least she can tow a good company lie though:

One: This is a lie. Nancy Pelosi held a very clean, palatable relief package hostage to appease AOC and Satan.

Two: If you'd stop trying to gin up virus fear in order to grab power, the relief plan wouldn't be needed.

Vote this harpy out. I assure you the Republican candidate is better. Rise up, Michigan, and end this madness. Just ignore her dumb edicts. Don't pay her dumb fines. If your school won't open for regular scheduling, drop your kids off en masse at the Superintendent's house (schools will open soon thereafter). If your university won't open, drop out, learn a trade, and consider getting people together to file a class action suit for tuition (you'll be better off, trust me). If a business requires masks or has "COVID Hours" then go elsewhere.

Screw these people.

Screw Gretchen Whitmer.


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