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The Fascists Came For Scarlet O'Hara, Gone with the Wind has Been Cancelled

Evil, true evil not the fun kind of evil (booze, drugs, and hookers), often comes from what many see as the best of intentions. In the United States we are sadly on the precipice of walking eyes open into a true fascist dystopia however it isn’t from the side many seem to think. While you constantly hear the “Orange Man Bad” crowd call President Trump a fascist he has done absolutely nothing that even comes close to being fascist. Sure he may call the press the enemy of the people but, sadly, Brian Stelter and the rest of CNN still walk freely among us. If he were truly fascist CNN, MSNBC, basically any news source that isn't Alex Jones or OANN would be off the air.

While the right has done nothing to try and suppress thoughts or works of art they have found offensive in probably damn near 20 years the left has made doing just this it’s calling card. While we have people on the left, some of them good people I am sure, crying about how Antifa means “Anti-Fascist” the acts of that group is completely fascist while the so called fascists have done nothing, absolutely nothing that could even be seen as being in the same neighborhood as Musilini. I doubt Trump can even make the trains run on time for Cthulhu’s sake.

Which brings us to what was announced last night.

Of course Twitter had a lot to say. Most prominently with the fact that "Gone With the Wind" featured Hattie McDaniel who became the first African American to win an Academy Award for her role in it.

HBO Max and the left in general were justifiably mocked

Meghan McCain says she is going to bring it up with Whoopi and while I would love to hear Whoopi and Joy try to defend this I am still not tuning into the View

A quintessential part of American culture, one of the most renowned films in cinematic history was taken down by HBO Max because it might hurt some people’s feelings. Ray Bradbury tried to warn us.

Look I have never seen nor do I ever intend to watch “Gone With the Wind” but that is just the point. If we don’t stand up to censorship of things we have no interest in by the time they get to something we like it will be too late and the entire Michael Bay Catalog will be wiped from existence and the fascists will have won.

Ray Bradbury tried to warn us but we didn’t listen