Gimme A Break

Remember when Ross and Rachel took a break? And it was comical because one of them understood what it meant to take a break and the other did not?


Well someone else took a break this week. This week? It's only Wednesday.

AOC decided that she needed to get off the Twatter because all the negativity was giving her anxiety.

She announced it on Instagram, apparently the "mean tweets" calling her out on her bullshit for partying maskless in the Free State of Florida, triggered her.

She resumed tweeting 20 hours later. Didn't even make it a whole day. She clearly misunderstood what "on a break" means.

So let us unpack this nonsense.

If she is so mentally unstable she cannot handle a heckling on Twitter, she doesn't belong in Congress, she belongs back behind the bar, where the regulars pump up her clearly fragile self esteem by macking on her and she can indulge her inner Drama Queen by bitching about "who closed last night? This bar isn't set up and nobody cut lemons!"


The world is a brutal place, some people aren't going to like you. Some people are going to call you on your bullshit, like when you party mask-free in Florida while children in your constituency eat outdoors in the cold. Or when you put on a mask for a photo op and then take it off as soon as you think the cameras aren't rolling. Or when you take a vacation while the people you represent cannot even go to a restaurant because they cannot afford it or are locked in their homes by communist policies.

You ran for office, and won because you claimed to be one of the people you mean to represent.

Then you immediately left them in the dust. Sure you made videos to make you more relatable, watch me make a margarita, "hey guys check out this cool thing called a garbage disposal!"


Some of us are not buying what you are selling. And when that happens, well you get mean tweets. This isn't the local watering hole sister, where the day bartender complains about you and you complain about them and the manager just makes sure you don't get put on the same shifts. This is the big time kiddo. This is real life and maybe you were unprepared for that.

Too bad baby girl, you're here now. Take a position and be prepared to defend it.

No, not THAT position, you imbecile!

Remember last year when AOC claimed PTSD because of an incident that occurred at the Capitol Building, it was in early January I think. I wrote a little piece about what PTSD is and that it isn't an accessory to be worn with your favorite white suit.

Now she claims anxiety because of mean tweets. Also not an accessory.

If this person is so mentally fragile that she cant handle some heckling, how does she get in her Tesla every morning and go to work in Congress? Oh I know, its the ultimate in Narcissism. Its the girlfriend you argue with and she walks down the street slowly, hoping you are going to follow her and beg her to come back. She never gives you time to miss her.

She left for 20 hours, and her absence did not gin up the excitement she had hoped. So she did what the Narcissist does, she decided we simply could not live without her pearls of wisdom and she came back, without being asked.

She has so much to say. She has nothing to do, mind you, like many of her colleagues in Congress, but PLENTY to say.

(Feminists take note of this, because this exactly why you do not succeed in being taken seriously. Wishy Washy bullshit like this.)

Every time I see someone take a break from social media, and then reappear hours later, it says a lot more about the break taker than the mean tweeters. They just have to tell you how you're wrong, how you're stupid, how you are a hypocrite.

They need to be looked at and they need to be heckled, because its the only way they can feel whole. They need the attention because if they are not being looked at, they feel invisible, it plays into their "me against the world" fantasy.


The whole thing reminds me of when I was a kid and every time my mom would hear that back door slam in the summer, she would holler "in or out! make a decision!" We learned to grab all of our shit in the morning that we would need for the day and peace out on our bikes until dinner time.

So AOC, Make a decision. In or out. Your constituents deserve representation, and if you don't decide, trust me they will decide for you come election time.