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Get to know Top Minion Cutest Pet Contestant, Pedro!

Pedro's owner, Blaine was kind enough to answer questions about Pedro, who recently competed in the #TopMinion Cute Pet Contest.

How did you adopt a Pedro? What was it about him that made you pick him?

Blaine: My mom found him on the Internet. I think it was a place called The Wizard of Claws. He was small enough to fit in a teacup.

How far did you have to travel to adopt him?

Blaine: I’m not sure. I know it was a south Florida business but they’ve since closed due to not being the best business

What kind of breed is he?

Blaine: Long haired toy chihuahua

Is he your first chihuahua?

Blaine: Yes, but he’s not my first dog. When I was born we already had a Pomeranian named Mike. He passed away before we got Pedro. We also got another dog before Pedro named Max, who was a Norwich Terrier and Pedro's best friend.

How old is Pedro now?

Blaine: I think he is 15 now. If not almost.

What made you decide to name him Pedro?

Blaine: That was my mom’s decision. She thought the name was a perfect fit.

How does Pedro like to spend his day?

Blaine: That’s a great question. He likes to get me up early to go out. Around 6-7 usually. I’ll give him a small cup of raw hamburger with his medicine in it. After that the day is his. He likes to sleep around, play with his favorite toys, sleep around some more, demands to be held, sleep some more. Pedro also begrudgingly puts up with us bothering him for pictures. I’ve got a few thousand at least of him.

When did you discover Pedro’s talent as a model?

Blaine: Well he’s always been photogenic. This was the photo that made my mom buy him. He was born a star.

When you take him out on errands, do you get stopped a lot?

Blaine: Pedro doesn’t go on errands, we go on errands for him. When he does go out though the ladies swoon at him. He’s always the most adorable thing they’ve ever seen.

Have you gotten any dates because of him?

Blaine: I shall reveal nothing other than Pedro is the perfect wingman.

Does Pedro like to be dressed up?

Blaine: Well let’s put it this way, he’s never told us to stop

Does he mind baths?

Blaine: Oh yes. He always tries to swim away. In fact I’m giving him one tonight. Wish me luck

Pedro won a cute pet contest, can you tell me about that?

Blaine: He did? I thought he lost that one to @hard2ern

I thought he won different contest

Blaine: Oh no. I think you mean this? This was just a dog day at the park. He was wooing the ladies at the registration desk. It was dog day at our local park. The only other contest Pedro entered was a Chihuahua race in Miami which was when we found out Pedro wasn’t a race dog.

He just poses?

Blaine: He’s very pose-able.

How did you discover he has quite a fan club on Twitter?

Blaine: Well his photos always got a lot of engagement. People couldn’t get enough of him. Before long People were asking to meet up with him in person, they were joking about stalking and stealing him (not sure all of those were jokes).

Has there been a Pedro Meetup?

Blaine: No but I wouldn’t be opposed to doing one in the future.

Any fun stories you want to share about Pedro, to give us insight on his personality?

Blaine: Well when he was still a puppy we had to evacuate to Orlando because of hurricane Wilma. We were stuck there for a couple weeks. Pedro had to be put into a crib when we left the room because he wasn’t housebroken yet and he despised it. Always trying to escape it. Ever since then he doesn’t like to be left alone.

There’s also the time he fell into a canal. He was barking at the dogs across from us and he fell in. I had to jump in and save him before he swam to the sea wall. They had barnacles on them and he could’ve cut himself.

So glad you were able to get him in time. Any silly stories?

Blaine: Oh at our old house he had a cat girlfriend. She loved to hang out in our bushes by the door. She loved playing with Pedro. She was a neighborhood stray so we also fed her and gave her water. Was a sweet thing.

Pedro gets along with cats as well as other dogs?

Blaine: Pedro’s friendly with most animals. He’s not really a people person until he gets to know you.

Anything else you think people should know about Pedro?

Blaine: Gee, 15 years there’s a lot of stories. I guess one more story is one day my dad was shopping and his friend said she saw Pedro in the window of a store. It was this pillow. Now it’s Pedro’s pillow.

Thank you for your time.

Blaine: Thank you, this was fun.

Follow Blaine and Pedro on twitter @blaine_hunter


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