Gavin Newsom Trying to Make California's Homelessness Issue Even Worse

So late last week, this little nugget was dropped by Gavin Newsom - the bond-villain-looking, Governor of California:

Astounding move from a guy who is fighting for his political life in California.

California is already home to about 161,000 homeless inhabitants (about 70% of all homeless people in the entire United States). These people need help, in one form or another, and rather than keeping his mouth shut and coming up with policies to help them, he exacerbates the issue by inviting MORE homeless people to come to California. So instead of taking the resources that he has to try and make an insanely complex and difficult problem better, he makes the problem worse - all in effort to try and score some political points with Twitter Liberals.

Being the Governor of the highest-taxed-state in the nation and trying to make your limited resources work by making your problem even bigger is a bold move.


Little should surprise anyone when it comes to California anymore. Yet here we are.

Newsom is looking to retain control of the governor's mansion. This is certainly a strategy to do so, much like kicking a 76 yard field goal was a strategy for the 2008 Oakland Raiders.

Look, I'd say I have hope for the recall election, but I don't.

I'd say California has a path forward, but they don't.

They're probably going to elect someone even further down the lunacy well.

You don't have to settle for this lunacy, California, but you probably will.