For The Love Of Cuteness!

If you're a minion then you've seen the hashtag #TopMinionPetContest and chances are you've entered your adorable pet. Before we dive into specifics I want to give the biggest of hat tips to @Ebeth360 for all her creative endeavors, amazing ideas and hard work. @Ebeth360 is also the mastermind behind the #TwitterBakeOff contest series which will be featured in a separate post.

We Stan @Ebeth360!

Now onto the details of the #TopMinionPetContest!

The event officially began on 4/30 with 142 entries, of those, including mostly dogs of all ages, cats and kittens, a bird, a hamster, and even a sugar glider. The voting period is 24 hours long with winners advancing to the next round.

Minions came forward to shill for their pets in creative ways posting adorable photos, video, and of course, MEMES.

Some even went so far as to make threats toward other minions for votes.

Eh hem, anyway...

Round 5 voting begins today at 1pm ET. Here is a look at some of the top pets remaining in the competition.

There's a lot of steep competition and cuteness going on in the #TopMinionPetContest. There also seems to be an anti-cat bias among the minions. For the love of God why are there so many cat haters?

@Ebeth360 has told Flappr (due to the unfair treatment cats have gotten in this contest) in the future she may create a cats only tournament. But for now, go and vote for your favorite top minion pets!.

I leave off here with some wise words from @ComfortablySmug.


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