For AOC, But Not For Thee

This morning I was drinking coffee with a kitten in my lap when I happened upon an article by the New York Post informing me that everyone’s favorite sparky socialist, Sandy Cortez, had received the Kung Flu vaccine and created an Instagram story to answer the questions any plebs may have about the process and/or the vaccine itself.

I watched the whole thing (so you don’t have to), and something in her ‘Gram really jumped out at me (well, two things really but for the sake of length, the second will have to be a separate article) and boy, do I have thoughts….

What the hell is this young, healthy, not fat, and certainly NOT essential worker, doing cutting the line in front of the doctors, nurses, olds, sicks, and fats, to get a vaccine? Well, I wasn’t the only one with this question since it was asked by one of her followers.

She answered that she was surprised herself she was getting it so soon (OMG, like…)! She had only been told about it the night before! And while " workers HAVE started to receive it..." (she reassures us), because she is part of the government, and government MUST continue during times of crisis, it is imperative that she and her fellow do-fucking-nothing colleagues get their vaccine before YOU. She cites the “Continuity of Governance [sic]” policy of Presidential Policy Directive 40 in her Insta. Well, I have a fairly decent working knowledge of this (because they actually taught Civics when your humble Rooster was but a tiny chick) but, for the sake of clarification I let my fingers do the walking and you know what I found out about PPD 40? Its history is literally rooted in a time when the chances of the good old United States being peppered with nuclear mushrooms was like, 50/50.

It’s purpose was to assure that somehow, and somewhere, the government would continue to function. It has all sorts of (admittedly, pretty fucking awesome) contingencies like mountain bunkers, naval ships, communications protocols, etc. It’s why we know “Air Force One” is not the PLANE, but whatever plane the president is on. Continuity. Speaking of which, here is how it goes if we were to, God forbid, have a cascade of presidential deaths:

Honestly, some of these options could be pretty entertaining! But you know who isn’t on this list? Rank and file congress people. Certainly not the best NY-14 had to offer. And why is that? Because PPD 40 does not apply to the Legislative Branch! There are two, VERY specific congressional offices on this list and that is only because they would be segued into executive positions under circumstances most of us have never known and probably will never know. This directive is in place to protect the continuity of the Presidency and Executive agencies. So, we’re so sorry Sparky, PPD40 doesn’t apply to little girls from Queens wearing Manolo Blahniks and pretending they’re a champion of the little people. You have nothing to do with national security or the continued function of the government. Neither do any of your colleagues. If something happens to you, you know what we do? We get another one of you. We go into your district and yell “Hey! Anyone want to represent this district in Congress?” So, you scooping a vaccine from someone who arguably needs it much more than you is frankly, pretty gross. Pretending you had to take it for the sake of national security, is even grosser. Baby girl, you just ain’t that important.

When I started writing this article (yesterday), I thought I was already pretty entertained by this display of self-important fuckery, but, in the last 24 hours it would appear that your humble blogger isn’t the only one who noticed AND called out the lower house’s most indispensable New York loudmouth. One of those people was even her congressional bestie, Illhan Omar! Proving once again that a broken clock is still right twice a day, she tweeted the following (and you know she means business when she types “full stop”):

Tulsi Gabbard, who I would argue is a MUCH more important member of congress because she is infinitely smarter, calmer, can play the ukulele, and has better hair, urged her non-decrepit co-workers to slow their roll:

Senator Rand Paul (bring back the beard, sir), one of the few people left in Congress I don’t actively loathe, popped off to the Press Pool, like the total savage he is, with this stunner: "I think it's unconscionable for AOC, who's 30 years old, to be smiling gleefully and getting the vaccine when you've got 85-year-old people in nursing homes who haven't gotten it." Homeboy strolls through congress with no mask, has already had Covid, and has ONE LUNG!!! The dude is a beast, and I for one, am all about his public shaming of spoiled brats and hypocrites.

Now, have other members received their vaccinations? Of course, they have. Some because they are older than God himself, like Juggs Pelosi, that kiddie sniffer who thinks he is going to be President, that obnoxious harpy Auntie Maxine, and Cocaine Mitch.

The rest did what you would expect any elite politician to do, they took the vaccine because they could. Because it was offered to them and hey, it’s just another perk of this sweet gig! We understand that most of us have been screaming about our “hero workers” and the olds and the fats but hey, they told us we could have it, right? I’m looking at you Marco (you big baby), Lindsey (get some fucking sun, son), Joni “the other one from Iowa” Ernst, Mitt “mom jeans” Romney, and Rashida “impeach the motherfucker” Tlaib. All of these vaccines were naturally recorded for the sake of the ‘Gram & Twitter, many posts pointing out that they were receiving their shots on the advice of the Congressional physician, thus absolving them from having to tackle any awkward charges of dissembling or taking advantage of an obvious privilege.

The reason AOC draws my specific ire is because she is the MOST vocal about pretending to be just another good comrade while ALWAYS taking advantage of the perks on offer. And that’s sort of the rub here; come The Revolution™, the people who rattled their sabers the loudest about the rules and dictates everyone should be following, are the ones who think they will never have to comply themselves. And, for the most part, they’re right! They won’t ever have to walk their own walk because they are simply too important, too necessary to the cause, and exceptions must be made. Whether this turns out to be something as major as a ban on cars and planes (an entirely different article), or the receiving of a vaccine that is SUPPOSED to go first to those who need it the most (or so we've been told...), they will always be just that little notch more important than the rest of us, so their actions are justified. In this current world where we are all CONSTANTLY being told what to do, and what not to do, be sure to keep a wary eye on those doing the telling. Chances are, what’s good for the goose, is just not going to apply to the gander.