Flexing Fredo Reveals His Inner Beta

Fredo Cuomo is a shallow, easily butthurt, thin-skinned, narcissistic loser that apparently will interact with any Twitter account. I won’t go into that much detail but some account was fluffing him for some reason and Cuomo responded back by stating the obvious and then sort of fluffing himself. That led to this hilarious tweet from a guy with 25 followers:

LOL. Go off, king.

Cuomo, rather than ignoring the small account, responded back with this:

Oh good lord - the cringe. “Look how strong I am!” Remember when some rando called him Fredo and Cuomo decided he was going to physically intimidate the guy? You want to know why Cuomo goes there first? It’s because he’s stupid. He’s not smart enough to think of a funny or intelligent clapback and he knows it so he goes with the fact that he works out and he probably is capable of beating up someone. I decided to be cheeky go ahead and do my own version of Cuomo -

But a small part of me was serious – I think I could take Cuomo. Look at his bicep again. That is the bicep of a man that spends hours in the gym doing repetitive exercises over and over. You can tell he’s just cranking out curls and bench presses because of how tight that bicep is. Rather, than being a natural extension from an equally strong shoulder it looks more like he’s just been focusing on that bicep rather than doing the kind of exercises that build broad muscle from all your muscles being used at the same time. Not to fluff myself – but my shoulder flows to my bicep which flows to my forearm.

Look how his shirt just kind of caves in between his shoulder and bicep – that’s what happens when you hyper focus on one muscle while ignoring others. Here is a side by side for comparison:

Here’s the funny thing – I don’t go to the gym. I have two dumbbells, a foldable bench, a weighted vest, some ankle weights that and a contraption mounted to my garage wall that is reversible so you can do dips or chin ups and that’s all I use.

Chin ups are really hard. Make them harder. I wear an extra 50 pounds on my body as I do them. I also wear that weight for pull ups, dips, and sit ups. Those are all exercises that work more than one muscle. Chin-up muscles include your back, chest, arms and even abs. The pull up muscle groups mainly used are the large back muscles, upper back muscles, the biceps, and the forearms.

When I run, I run with a weighted vest that adds an extra 20 pounds. Running is already tough. Make it tougher. Also, I don’t do distance. I do speed. I go as fast as I can go for about 10 to 15 minutes. Think about it – who would you rather look like? A muscled-out NFL running back or one of those skinny long distance marathon runners? There’s no shame in a 10 minute run if you worked your ass off.

I also get a lot of exercise from my home repair projects because my house is 120 years old. I’m climbing up in the attic or going into crawlspaces all the time which can be physically exhausting. You’d be surprised at how tight your forearms can get when you constantly twisting a screwdriver. And I’m constantly hauling things between the house and the garage. I’m sure these are all things that Cuomo does not have to do in his daily life.

When I saw Cuomo’s bicep I was instantly like “Why is it so weird looking?” It just sticks out too much rather than being part of a cohesive mass. His forearm really narrows at the wrist so he probably doesn’t do much wrist curls. It looks like he’s got big chest muscles but he hasn’t trained his shoulders like he should be. I just wasn’t impressed at all. But really – what else should I expect from Cuomo? He just ain’t that bright.