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Flappr's 2020 Fraud of The Year

To commemorate the end of 2020, I wanted to look at who had committed the most egregious hypocrisy of the year. There is no shortage of candidates. The current and future leaders of the free world certainly both could be given consideration. I thought about Drew Brees, who decided to put a person who resisted arrest with outstanding domestic abuse charges against him on his helmet; certainly a worthy option. I thought about Alyssa Milano, who for years led the charge of the #MeToo, only to bravely toss it aside in support of Joe Biden, ignoring Tara Reade’s allegations. There has been no shortage of politicians around the world who have espoused the dangers of COVID and the need for residents to follow the rules, only to brazenly ignore them, sometimes within moments of saying them.

However, there really is no other choice but the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, and his brother Fredo. Their Emmy-award winning body of work is quite impressive. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • After complaining vociferously about struggles in NY emergency rooms, President Trump sent a US Navy hospital to support. The hospital went largely unused.

  • Early in April, Mr. Cuomo decried a near emergency shortage in ventilators. Even in a partisan fact check, USA Today found they indeed had a stock pile of ventilators in place.

  • In one of the most galling decisions, COVID patients were intentionally sent into nursing homes, putting the weakest and most susceptible people at risk

I mean this alone should be enough to win cojones of the year. But Mr. Cuomo has support in the family. Unfortunately for the family, the governor’s brother Chris contracted COVID early, which was a very uncertain time for everyone. This made his decision to break quarantine all the more bizarre, especially after his much ballyhooed and promoted ending of his two weeks on CNN.

But hey, it sure was good to see the brothers Cuomo take it all seriously.

Putting it all together, let us give Mr. Cuomo an Emmy Award. But more prestigiously, he is Flappr's 2020 Fraud of the Year.


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