Flappr Fantasy Football Week Seven: JON Brooks Is The New Sherriff In Town

There’s a new number one team in the Flappr Fantasy Football League after Week 7.

With 6 NFL teams on a bye week, there was a lot of scrambling to fill roster holes, and the corresponding low scores to go with them.

Derrick Henry’s White Twin (@jonbrooks935) played the Italian Defense League (@michcusejac5)in a matchup of 4-2 teams. It wasn’t a spectacular week for Derrick Henry, but the team performed up to expectations. The Italians finally played Antonio Brown, but he was out with an ankle injury. JAC wins the Flappr Forgotten Man for not putting Mike Gesicki in the lineup. Not only did he not play him, he tried to unload him all week.

The win vaulted @jonbrooks935 atop the standings. He celebrated his new found supremacy in style:

Leroy Brown still holds the second overall spot, despite being on vacation and suffering a loss this week. His Bad Mans (@snakebro7) squad dropped his 2nd in a row as they lost to Two Scoops (@_Miller__Lite_).

They both are a part of the 6 teams in the league currently at 4-3. We hope Leroy is doing some enjoying some family bonding time on his vacation to Florida!

The Master Bedroom Dwellers (@Twi77erSuxDong) have a 3 game winning streak after beating the Penalty Boxers (@ground_miller).

The Dwellers were basically unaffected by the large bye week, cruising to 180.56 points and the Flappr Top Hat award for Week 7 .What did I get for having the3rd highest score this week?

In what turned out to be the closest game of the weekend, M.I.L.F (Man I Love Football) (@ElderBartleby) defeated Stephanie’s Amazing Team (@Stephanieco15).

Stephanie didn’t have a bad week, but Bartleby put up the 2nd highest point total for the week, even with Allen Robinson’s 3.10 point effort. With two wins in a row, Bart is starting to assert his dominance.

In the final game of the weekend, the Hackensack Cockles (@Travis_Tyree) defeated the Fugly Slots (@balling_it). Travis has his team back in the 4th and final playoff spot, while the Slot’s season is taking the same path as their QB, Patrick Mahomes.

And here’s the standings after Week 7. See you next week.