Flappr Fantasy Football Week Four: MISSING WHITE WOMAN SYNDROME

Week 4 of the Flappr Fantasy Football League is in the books, and boy did some of these teams suck this week - FOUR of them under 100 points and lots of underperforming players.

Going into Week 4, the Fugly Slots (@balling_it) 1-3 was winless and playing Two Scoops (@_Miller__Lite_) 2-2.

The Slots took the lead early on Sunday and never looked back. All the players on Two Scoops underperformed their predicted point totals, and there wasn’t much on the bench either.

We haven’t said much about @balling_it before this week. While he had lost all 3 games, there wasn’t much he could have done about it. He does not say a lot in the league chat either, so I decided to take a look at his timeline.

A screenshot of his most controversial tweet is included below.

Spinach Burrito? Is that even legal? What kind of monster have we allowed in this league?

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The league still has an undefeated team, the 4-0 Bad Mans (@snakebro7). Leroy’s team is cruising along behind the efforts of Tyreek Hill. The Master Bedroom Dwellers (@Twi77erSuxDong) fell to 1-3 when his "play all the Rams" strategy proved highly ineffective.

He also wins the Flappr Forgotten Man Award this week for leaving Deebo Samuel’s 35.7 points on the bench.

Well, maybe his mind has been on other things.

Seriously, WTF?

The other undefeated team in the league went down to defeat this weekend. Derrick Henry’s White Twin (@jonbrooks935) 3-1 had Derrick Henry, but nobody else showed up. M.I.L.F (Man I Love Football) (@ElderBartleby) 2-2 didn’t have a great week, but it was enough to get the win.

He also spent some time analyzing the mistakes of the Chicago Bears.

No Wonder Justin Fields Looks Lost Out There.

After losing Christian McCaffrey last week, the Italian Defense League (@michcusejac5) 3-1, was able to bounce back this week, beating Stephanie’s Amazing Team (@Stephanieco15) who fell to 1-3.

Steph started off the season with a win, almost leading the entire league in points after week one. She was talking mad shit and was very confident in her abilities.

Some might even say TOO confident.

After suffering a week two loss at the hands of @snakebro7, Steph still seemed to think she had this league in the palm of her hand.

Since then, Stephanie has lost two more games. More concerning is that Stephanie has been M.I.A., with injured players still in the lineup.

It looks like she’s just not that in to us.

If you have information on the whereabouts of Stephanie, please contact flappr.net and/or remind her to change her lineups.

In the final game of the weekend, the Hackensack Cockles (@Travis_Tyree) 2-2 beat the Penalty Boxers (@ground_miller) 1-3.

The Cockles had 4 players score over 20 points, giving them the Flappr Top Hat Award for the week.

I was in strong contention for the Forgotten Man award, as Cordarrelle Patterson scored 34.6 points on my bench.

Man, have I made some bad choices lately.

This is a Green Bay 9.5, for the record.

Oh well, I got to watch Randall Cobb take points away from Davante Adams in person on Sunday after attending a funeral mass for one of my uncles this weekend. R.I.P. Uncle Bud.