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Flappr Fantasy Football Week 6: Arrivederci, Undefeated Team

Week 6 of the NFL season marked the start of bye weeks for teams during the season, giving them a week of rest during the grind. For Fantasy Football managers, that means scrambling to find an adequate replacement for one or more of your starters who doesn’t play this week. This usually means that scoring 100 points for the week is good during bye weeks.

Since Flappr is devoted to recapping Twitter mayhem, this week we decided to use tweets and memes for our pictures and see what your reaction is.

Heading into Week 6, there was one undefeated team, a few 3-2 teams and the rest below that. Here's what happened in this week's games.

Penalty Boxers (@ground_miller) vs. Italian Defense League (@michcusejac5): The Italians started off with 7 points from Chicago’s D/ST and never lost the lead. The Boxers had Jalen Hurts & Dallas Goedert on SNF and still got beat by the biggest margin of the week. The Italians posted the high score for the week, earning them the Top Hat for Week 6, and tightening the Division 2 race. @michcusejac5 beats @ground_miller 128.04 - 97.88 to beat the last undefeated team.

JAC is an Italian Yankees fan.

Herbert’s Perverts (@Twi77erSuxDong) vs. Zach Wilson Banged My Mom (@_Miller__Lite_): Now that @Twi77erSuxDong traded Dalvin Cook for Davante Adams, he needed a new team name. Justin Herbert didn’t have a great week, but everyone chipped in for the win. Miller Lite didn’t have a kicker, and Zach Wilson had half the points of Justin Herbert. @_Miller__Lite_ comes up short against @Twi77erSuxDong 105.10 – 79.56.

Fugly Slots (@balling_it) vs. Uncle AC and The Archbishops (@ywst_ac): Uncle AC had a great week, coming from behind with AJ Brown and Miles Sanders on SNF to win. The Fugly Slots took an early lead behind Joe Burrow, but he didn’t get much help. @ywst_ac beats @balling_it 105.96 – 87.26.

I wonder if those help the Eagles fly?

Hackensack Cockles (@SteroidRespectr) vs. M.I.L.F. (Man I Love Football) (@ElderBartleby): Bartleby led this one all the way, as he took the lead behind Justin Fields on Thursday and never looked back. The Cockles seemingly had half their roster injured, on a bye, or a Denver Bronco. @ElderBartleby topped @SteroidRespectr 108.30 – 89.00.

Would men appreciate NFL lingerie?

Bad Mans (@Nworb_Yorel) vs. Derrick Henry's White Twin (@jonbrooks935): Leroy took a strong lead during the Sunday games and had a decent lead after SNF, led by Saquon Barkley. The White Twin had three Chargers on MNF, but outside of Dustin Hopkins, they flopped. For the second week in a row, Jon wins the Forgotten Man Award for leaving the New England D/ST on the bench, but with only 13 points this week. @Nworb_Yorel won over @jonbrooks935 95.34 – 93.74.

A Patriots fan Leroy would love!

Here's our standings after 6 weeks.


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