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Flappr Fantasy Football Week 3: It's Miller(s) Time

Remember last week when we had lots of competitive games going into Monday Night Football? A matchup between a bad team trying to get better and a team hampered by injury makes for very little fantasy football interest. Myles Garrett’s car accident generated a lot more buzz than MNF.

Glad he's OK.

Anyway, this week made me think of NASCAR and one of its most iconic paint schemes. The car was known as the Blue Deuce, and it even has its own Urban Dictionary entry. Chances are that any bar you ever went into from 1990 to 2020 had Miller Lite NASCAR swag on the walls. Why do I mention this car? Because this week, the story of the Flappr FFL is led by the two unrelated Miller teams.

See it's blue and it's got the number 2.

The scheduling gods allowed for the two remaining undefeated teams in the league to face off in Week 3, leaving only one standing. And, in another strange quirk, there are no winless teams left in the league after Week 3. Let’s look at what happened.

Fugly Slots (@balling_it) vs. Zach Wilson Banged My Mom (@_Miller__Lite_): The Fugly Slots took a lead after the Sunday early games, but thanks to Justin Jefferson, Keenan Allen and Dawson Knox scoring a whopping 7.4 points, it didn’t last. Miller Lite finally got a complete team effort led by Josh Allen and Mark Andrews. Not only was it his first win, it was good enough to earn this week’s Top Hat for scoring 125.76 points. @_Miller__Lite_ defeats @balling_it 125.76 – 99.12.

Hope we don't need this picture again!

Mattison’s 2nd Crusade (@Twi77erSuxDong) vs. Penalty Boxers (@ground_miller): The two remaining undefeated teams took each other on. Deus Le Volt saw his running backs give a below average output, punctuated by Dalvin Cook getting banged up again. No worries though, he’ll just insert his favorite player, Alexander Mattison, into the lineup and change his team name. The other Miller team continued to ride Jalen Hurts’ performance to the 2nd highest score of the week.. @ground_miller topped @Twi77erSuxSong 123.38 – 101.92.

His profile picture

M.I.L.F. (Man I Love Football) (@ElderBartleby) vs. Uncle AC and The Anarchists (@ywst_ac): The closest game of the week actually went to Monday night. The two teams traded the lead during the Sunday games and were essentially tied after SNF. Bart had the Dallas D/ST on MNF, which is one of the few things that could score negative points. They ended up carrying them to victory. AC’s running backs had a forgettable performance. @ElderBartleby won over @ywst_ac 102.16 – 91.66.

We love our Dallas MILFs, don't we, folks?

Derrick Henry's White Twin (@jonbrooks935) vs. Italian Defense League (@michcusejac5): In the irony department, the Italians had a decent week, with Derrick Henry leading the way. The White Twin played three Chargers, so their bad week took him down with them. While it wouldn’t have won him the game, Jon had Amari Cooper as his highest scoring player on the bench. For that, he gets the Forgotten Man Award for Week 2. @michcusejac5 beat @jonbrooks 935 95.78 – 75.12.

Italian Defense League celebrates another victory.

Bad Mans (@Nworb_Yorel) vs. Hackensack Cockles (@SteroidRespectr): The Cockles took the early Sunday, but it was all Bad Mans after that. Saquon Barkley led the way for Leroy. The Cockles highest scoring player was Tua Tagovailoa with 11.44 points, and his defense scored -4.0. @Nworb_Yorel gets his 1stwin against @SteroidRespectr 110.88 – 63.48.

Here's our standings after 3 weeks.


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