Flappr Fantasy Football Week 2: The Italians Lead The Way

Whenever you get multiple FFL games that are still undecided going in to Monday Night Football, it's a good thing. This week four of the five games were still competitive on Monday, with two games on the MNF slate. It also makes for a livelier group chat on Twitter. After watching the Cleveland Browns meltdown at home Sunday, we got this burst of emotion.

We've all been there.

During that same timespan, the Dolphins were overcoming a 21 point deficit in the 4th quarter, with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle getting wide open looks against the rookies that the Ravens were forced to play. That sparked a debate over Tua Tagovailoa's talents, with @balling_it sharing this.

Editor's Note: check back with me in December.

This week we had two game between two 0-1 teams, two games with undefeated teams, and two mixed. Let's start with the game between the two 0-1 teams, where one of them took off Monday.

Italian Defense League (@michcusejac5) vs. Zach Wilson Banged My Mom (@_Miller__Lite_): After Sunday, Miller Lite was predicted to win the game. However, thanks to the Stefon Diggs and the Bills D/ST, this weeks Top Hat goes to JAC for scoring 141.40 points. Diggs and Tyreek Hill combined for over 75 points of that. Miller Lite had Josh Allen in that game, but his running backs combined to score just 10 points. The Italians won 141.40 - 108.84.

@michcusejac5 celebrating his victory.

M.I.L.F. (Man I Love Football) (@ElderBartleby) vs. Bad Mans (@Nworb_Yorel): The other game between 0-1 teams was never really close after Lamar Jackson scored 42.62 points for Bart in the early Sunday games. Outside of Cooper Kupp, Leroy's team had a forgettable performance. @ElderBartleby won over @Nworb_Yorel 125.12 - 92.56.

Inserted to help cheer up renown BBW enthusiast, @Nworb_Yorel

Deus Le Volt (@Twi77erSuxDong) vs. Uncle AC and The Antichrists (@ywst_ac): Undefeated matchup one featured Deus Le Volt finished his Sunday with a lead behind Jaylen Waddle and had Dalvin Cook on Monday. Uncle AC had three other Vikings and Eagles going Monday, with a solid chance to catch up. He didn't. @Twi77erSuxSong topped @ywst_ac 117.64 - 90.44.

Inserted to celebrate @Twi77erSuxDong, who enjoys both red heads and the Niners.

Derrick Henry's White Twin (@jonbrooks935) vs. Penalty Boxers (@ground_miller): This was the other game that featured two undefeated teams, which also came down to Monday night. The Penalty Boxers got a big night from Jalen Hurts on Monday to get the win. The White Twin was leading after Sunday, and he had a really high score, it just happened to be on the bench. For that, he gets the Forgotten Man Award for Week 2. @ground_miller beat @jonbrooks 935 124.32 - 77.04.

Some weeks it's like that.

Fugly Slots (@balling_it) vs. Hackensack Cockles (@SteroidRespectr): The Cockles took the lead on Thursday night and never lost it, even while leaving over 75 points on the bench with Tua and Amon-Ra St. Brown. The Slots had a chance on Monday with Justin Jefferson and Dawson Knox playing. Aside from Nick Chubb's 30.8 points, the Slots really underperformed. @SteroidRespectr wins against @balling_it 117.82 - 97.34.