Flappr Fantasy Football Week 14: Same As It Ever Was

As each fantasy football season progresses, it seems like some teams just keep rolling along. While some teams are hit by the injury bug and tortured by having good players on bad teams, there are always a couple teams that make all the right decisions.

Our league was set up to have 10 teams with a 15 week season, then a 4 team playoff in the next two weeks. Yahoo divides the teams up into two divisions, with the division winners getting the top two playoff seeds.

The other two playoff teams are the next best teams that didn't win a division. Unfortunately for Division 2, the top 4 scoring teams in the league all reside there, making it a scramble for the last playoff spot.

Leading Division 2, and the number one team in the league, is Deus Le Volt (@Twi77erSuxDong). He ruined a perfectly good effort by Derrick Henry’s White Twin (@jonbrooks935), the fourth seeded team in the playoffs. Deus won 179.38 - 142.12, and gets the Flappr Top Hat for the second straight week. That is his 10th win in a row, and he is locked into the playoffs as the top seed.

The leader of Division 1 is Bad Mans (@Jenwifeofboomer), with an 8-6 record. However, he has put up scores in the 70s the last two weeks, and appears to have a flat tire. Last week, with Bartleby in the hospital due to the Wuhan Flu, Leroy won by 4 points over a team that had 3 players missing from its lineup. This week, Leroy rotated the tires and lost to Two Scoops (@_Miller__Lite_), 154.80 to 75.18. Two Scoops has won 6 in a row and clinched a playoff spot. Leroy's broken team will try to limp into the playoffs with a win this weekend.

The next matchup saw the Penalty Boxers (@ground_miller) take on the Italian Defense League (@michcusejac5). The Boxers are the 3rd highest scoring team in the league, but they have had more points against them then they have scored, leaving them 7-7. This was a good week, winning 155.52 to 114.64. The Italian Defense League's personal Forgotten Man award for the week is for leaving Hunter Renfrow on the bench for the second straight week, although it wouldn't have won him the game. Maybe he needs to reconsider how he plays his wide receivers.

The next game was between Fugly Slots (@balling_it) and the Hackensack Cockles (@Travis_Tyree) . Travis won the game 123.22 to 113.52. Both teams had a player put up 0 points that could have been replaced by a player on the bench. The Slots left Javonte Williams' 21.3 points on the bench, which could have won him the game. Travis left Brandon Aiyuk's 18.6 points on the bench, which would still have won him the game. Both of them are on the outside of the playoffs looking in, probably wondering the same thing.


The final game between Stephanie’s Amazing Team (@Stephanieco15) and M.I.L.F. (Man I Love Football) (@ElderBartleby). Bartleby won by 18 points, but Stephanie could have won had she played Dalvin Cook's 35.2 points Thursday night. To be fair to Stephanie, Cook was listed as questionable all week, and it wasn't clear he would be 100% in the game. But she still wins the Flappr Forgotten Man award for the week.

Bart swears he feels better, but he insists on showing us all that he doesn't have COVID toe.

With one game left in the regular season, there are two playoff up for grabs. If Bad Mans loses this weekend, the Hackensack Cockles or M.I.L.F. could sneak in with a win. Derrick Henry's White Twin is in with a win, but a loss and a Penalty Boxer win puts the Boxers in the playoffs. Here's the current standings.