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Flappr Fantasy Football League: A Champion is Crowned

After 17 weeks of competition, the Flappr Fantasy Football League can hand out the first Top Hat to its champion, @jonbrooks935.

Just look at this face, folks, THIS is the face of a CHAMPION!

Charisma level: wallpaper.

His team, Derrick Henry's White Twin, started out the season 5-2 on the strength of Derrick Henry, but he was injured in Week 8, leaving the season in doubt. After some rough weeks, his team found a new strength in the playoffs.

He got a bit frustrated!

His opponent in the championship game was Two Scoops (@_Miller__Lite_). His team was 4-4 after eight games, and then he reeled off 8 wins in a row. Miller Lite had similar problems to Jon with his running backs getting injured and Calvin Ridley quitting in the middle of the season. Through trades and some waiver wire pickups, his team excelled at the end of the season.

Record improved after the Brewers were eliminated

Now for the Championship Game. Unfortunately, the game was never that close. Both teams started out the early games slowly, but the White Twins took off in the second half off the opening games.

O.K., maybe it was that bad,

By the time Sunday Night Football rolled around, all Miller Lite needed was 86 points from Aaron Jones. In the end, he lost by 69.62 points.

In the other games, Deus Le Volt (@Twi77erSuxDong) crushed Bad Mans (@Jenwifeofboomer) for 3rd place. M.I.L.F. (@ElderBartleby) beat the Penalty Boxers (@ground_miller) for 5th place. When reached for comment, @elderbartleby had this to say about his team's fifth place finish:

When last seen, @elderbartleby had taken off his clothes and begun looking for a cab out of the office.

In our final match, The Hackensack Cockles (@Travis_Tyree) beat the Italian Defense League (@michcusejac5) for 7th place.

Thank you for following the exploits of the Flappr FFL. We hope to be back later with more sports content. Meanwhile, here's a picture of the trophy we could give Jon if we had a budget.

Congratulations @jonbrooks935!

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ElisaCaff (#justE)
ElisaCaff (#justE)
Jan 05, 2022

That’s a Major Award! Congratulations!

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