Fact Checker Targets Tim Scott; Is Mercilessly Mocked For His Trouble

I think we all know now that "fact checking" isn't about checking "facts" these days. No, this institution, like so many others, has been weaponized and used by the Left in their efforts to monopolize "the truth".

Today "fact checking" serves as an apparatus of the Left by which they can deem something "true" or "false" when they need to hammer an opponent or spin to protect an ally.

Today, we saw an example of the former, when Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post published a "fact check" on a story that Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) often tells about his Grandfather, Artis Ware, a man who, during Jim Crow Segregation, picked cotton to help support his family.

According to Scott: "My grandfather suffered the indignity of being forced out of school as a third-grader to pick cotton, and never learned to read or write. … Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime.”

You can read the entire story yourself here, but the gist of Kessler's "fact check" boils down to this: Yes, Tim Scott is telling the truth, but his telling of the story lacks some nuance - Artis Ware did pick cotton during Jim Crow era South Carolina, but he picked cotton on his father's farm and might have had a better time of it than other black people during the time.

So yeah, Tim Scott's story is true and his story remains an inspiration.

Now, you might be asking yourself: Why would the Washington Post write this story about Tim Scott this week, don't they have other facts they could check - like Kamala Harris' FWEEEDOM story or how the Democrats are redefining the word "infrastructure" or how things that are definitely NOT Jim Crow are being called Jim Crow?

Well, perhaps coincidentally (though almost certainly NOT coincidentally), Tim Scott was chosen by the GOP to deliver the response to Joe Biden's sort of, but not really, State of the Union address next Wednesday.

Tim Scott is a rising star in the GOP and is gaining a national profile heading into 2024, where he will likely be a candidate for the Republican nomination for President. If you haven't listened to him speak before, you should definitely watch his speech during the RNC:

Tim Scott presents a very different and hopeful vision for America and it's one that the Left cannot tolerate. So rather than embrace Tim Scott, they've decided to start picking away at the edges, trying to cast doubt on the legitimacy of his story.

In fact, if you Google "Tim Scott" right now, here is what you will find on the first page of his search results:

This is not an accident, folks. People will see Tim Scott speak on Wednesday. Tim Scott will likely mention his Grandfather during his speech, people will likely be captivated by this story and rush to Google to learn more about him. "Not the whole story" is what they will see.

What type of reaction do you think people have - a positive or negative one - when they see "Not the whole story" next to Tim Scott's name? Yep, Big Tech and Big Media, working hand in hand to smear ideological adversaries. That's how the sausage is made.

Thankfully, there were ample people on Twitter to tell Glenn Kessler EXACTLY what they thought of his work:

Correct, TOTALLY not at all enemy of the people.

A picture says a thousand words?

They WILL go there, if they must.

Never gonna happen.


Now if you don't know much about Tim Scott, you now have every reason watch him Thursday night, you can also listen to this great interview he gave on the Ruthless Podcast a few weeks back, read his wonderful Op-ed on "Woke Supremacy" published in (no, seriously) the Washington Post and read what I thought of his RNC speech last summer.

Stick together, defend our own.

God Bless America.