FACT CHECK: Recapping Joe Biden's Worst Debate Lies (there were a lot)

The first presidential debate for the 2020 election between incumbent president Donald J Trump and former vice president Joe Biden was held Tuesday night in Cleveland, Ohio. Most people described it as a shit show and they were basically right. Trump was a brawler, Joe was a weak old man, and Chris Wallace was a joke.

If you watch/read any news or consume any social media, you will have surely heard all about Trump's millions of lies during the 90 minute affair but since the corrupt press has no interest in doing this (and when they do it is misleading or slanted at best) Flappr has decided to expose a number of Joe Biden's worst lies. And our apologies this fact check was not produced in real time - Flappr does not employ a smug faced douche bag like Daniel Dale from CNN. Buckle up folks, this list is not short...

1. Lockdowns - Joe Biden bizarrely appeared to take both positions on lockdowns on Tuesday night. He came out of the gate blaming Trump for the economic impacts of the lockdowns imposed during the spring (at the height of the pandemic) suggesting that is he had been at the helm that wouldn't of happened. But then two minutes later said you need to keep everything shut including schools until the virus is totally eradicated. It was all so strange and frankly nearly impossible to follow. We all know Biden would shut the entire country down again but it doesn't make taking both sides of the same issue within a matter of minutes any better.

2. Tax policy - Biden first claims that he is going to "eliminate the Trump tax cuts" because they are only for the rich and school teachers are stuck paying more than millionaires. This is laughably incorrect - the Tax Foundation confirms that the Top 1% pays 38.5% of all federal income taxes while the bottom 90% pays just 29.9% of taxes. Additionally, over 80% of households received a tax cut from Trump's Tax Cut and Jobs Act. In fact the people who made out worst were high income earners with expensive property in high tax blue states due to SALT deduction caps. Is this who Joe Biden is trying to protect, his limousine liberal friends? But then he tries to retreat into this farce that he is only going to raise taxes on people making over $400,000 and corporations. Not only would higher corporate taxation make us less competitive and cost jobs but tax groups all agree Biden's tax plans would raise the taxes of every income group (plus hamper economic growth). And remember, that is if they are only as bad as advertised (could end up being far worse).

3. Trump's Personal Taxes - President Trump has been as elusive as Barry Sanders about releasing his tax returns but frankly it is nobody's business. The American people can choose to not vote for him if they believe this is a big issue and that he is hiding something nefarious. Biden, a master of class warfare demagoguery, of course brought up the ridiculous New York Times "bombshell" that Trump only paid $750 in federal income taxes during years 2016 and 2017. The only problem is that the NYT story itself shows that Trump paid millions of dollars in taxes those years - which Trump himself said during the debate. We also know from other tax documentation released in past years that Trump paid something like $38 million back in 2005. The guy clearly pays a shit load of taxes but like everyone else takes the deductions the tax code allows. This whole ordeal does beg the question as to whether the Biden campaign was complicit in the illegal release of Trump's private tax information to that former newspaper though.

4. Economic and Job Growth - Biden tried to claim that the Obama economy boomed and Trump caused a massive recession with his policies. Even the Failing New York Times fact checked this one as false (perhaps the surprise of the night). Trump correctly notes that Obama/Biden had the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression (which was in large part due to their anti-growth, anti-business policies). Also, the types of jobs that were being created in the Obama/Biden economy were shitty low wage jobs. Trump's policies helped oversee a manufacturing resurgence, wage growth soar, household incomes rise, and GDP growth over 3% for the first time in years. Obama was creating Walmart greeters while Trump was sending our boys back to the assembly lines. Additionally, Trump did not cause the 2020 recession considering it only happened because we had to shutter the global economy due to the Chinese Virus - a policy that Joe Biden apparently supports and would drag well into 2021.

5. COVID Response - Pivoting back to the Chinese Virus for a moment, even though I know everyone is sick of hearing about it, Biden also shamelessly demagogued and fear mongered on this topic when not outright lying.

First he used the "4% of population but 20% of deaths" line. This is a great line for tricking people not interested in or capable of critical thought (you know the type of people who vote Democrat) but its a point of personal aggravation to me. When you consider there are huge swaths of the planet that do not provide accurate data (China, Russia, India, etc.), other large portions of the globe that were disproportionately unaffected (Africa, island nations), and that standards for counting/reporting vary (the US appears to be much more strict) its easy to understand that the calculus changes real quick and these two numbers begin to converge.

He then claimed that Trump knew all about the virus in February and didn't tell anybody about it but the president formed a task force on January 22nd and shut down travel from China on January 31st. Biden called the latter xenophobic - another thing he tried to deny last night. You can also see explanations of the Trump Administration's response here and here - judge for yourself. Finally, do we even need to go into the ridiculous "Trump told people to inject bleach into their arm!" line? Lets move on.

6. COVID Relief Package - Biden then claimed that Trump and the Republicans have done nothing to help small business or give people relief as it relates to COVID. Number one, just to remind everyone again, Biden would keep everything shut down. Reopening is step one to people getting back on their feet. But that point aside, there was already a massive multi-trillion dollar relief bill passed in the spring (at warp speed mind you) which provided economic relief directly to people, provided PPP loans, and expanded unemployment benefits. They are even trying to work on another one which is being blocked by Democrats because they will not accept a clean bill. The Dems want all kinds of non-COVID related goodies in there because they see this as their chance to get things they want. Trump and the Republicans will not allow that, rightfully. Trump also stepped in and issued executive orders on the payroll tax among other things to help people out side Congressional Democrats are failing. Trump took action while Democrats played politics with people's lives.

7. Green New Deal - Trump made a point to tie to Biden to the Green New Deal - an absolutely insane far left $100 trillion (yes, with a T) enviro-socialist proposal whose intent is a complete societal takeover. Joe Biden said point blank in this debate "The Green New Deal is not my plan." Someone should probably inform his campaign and webmaster then because...

8. Hunter's Record & Corruption - Trump also leaned into one of his favorite topics during the debate...Joe Biden's corrupt disgraced son Hunter Biden. I get Biden trying to defend his troubled son, people tend go to the mattresses for their kids even if they are rotten. That doesn't mean that nearly everything he said on the topic wasn't a complete lie. Biden said Hunter was not discharged from the military for drug use. A lie. He said the investigatory findings that Hunter received $3.5 million dollars from the wife of the Moscow mayor had been discredited. A lie. He said he wasn't given millions of dollars from Ukraine and China, while daddy was vice president, for jobs he was eminently unqualified for. Lie and lie. How can Joe Biden take on our foreign adversaries if he cannot even be honest about his own son's corrupt ties to these regimes? Even CNN has no choice but to admit the truth.

9. Accepting Election Results - The Democrats have been trying very hard to establish this reality where Trump will not accept the election results if he loses in November and has to be carried out of the White House by the military or something. Joe Biden claims Trump won't accept the results but the he will of course accept the results if he loses. But why should we believe this? The Democrats have spent the past four years not accepting the results from 2016. It has been one conspiracy to the next for four straight years trying to find a way to boot Trump from office. Hillary Clinton still talks about it every chance she gets. In fact they haven't accepted a defeat in decades and believe every time Republicans win it is illegitimate. This past weekend, I outlined precisely that, in the below Twitter thread (click tweet for full rundown).

10. Antifa and Left Wing Violence - One of the more egregious answers of the night was Joe Biden trying to claim that Antifa basically didn't even exist and there was not left wing violence erupting around the country all summer. "Antifa is just an idea not an organization" he said. Could you imagine trying to get away with this claim as if we all don't have eyes? Do these people think we don't know who has been burning our cities for months? It really is appalling that the Democrats think they can just get away with pretending Antifa and left wing violence simply does not exist. Don't believe your lyin' eyes they told us.

11. Court Packing & Senate Filibuster - This wasn't so much an outright lie as a lie of omission by supplying a non-answer. Which inexplicably but also unsurprisingly Chris Wallace let Biden get away with. When asked if he would support killing the filibuster and packing the court Biden responded "Whatever position I take on that will become the issue." Yea, that's the fucking point dude. This "you need to elect me to find out what my positions are" shit is for the birds. But the non-answer speaks just as loudly as an answer in the affirmative. Of course Joe Biden would support both of these things because the rest of his party supports these things. They are concerned with one thing and one thing only - consolidating power and never relinquishing it.

12. Numerous Fake News Hoaxes - Biden invoked a number of fake news hoaxes and conspiracy theories in his attacks on Trump last night. These were the big three...

Very Fine People Hoax - He launched his campaign on the "very fine people on both sides" lie, a lie he went back to again last night.

Russian Bounties Hoax -He tried to suggest that Trump is nothing but a Putin stooge which is why he won't say anything about the Russian bounty story. Or perhaps its because its untrue. It was phony intel. And can we all agree that still talking about Trump/Russia conspiracies, after everything we know now, should be totally disqualifying for office?

Well that was an absolute marathon and it could go on even further (lies about COVID vaccine development, that Trump/Republicans are actually the party of "defund the police", Obamacare lies, that mail-in voting introduces no new risks of fraud or disenfranchisement, brandishing Trump and others as white supremacists without evidence, etc.) but I think it is incredibly important for people to see this laundry list of complete and utter bullshit even if it is lengthy. Remember all of this next time they tell you Trump is the one who just lies non-stop. Trump is imprecise. Trump embellishes. Biden is a professional lying politician. Its as simple as that.

And one of the most amazing things is this debate did not even touch on foreign policy where Joe Biden is an absolute train wreck. Things are due to get a whole lot worse for Sleepy Joe when they move onto that topic. But that just means for us...the best is yet to come.