Enjoying Some Major “Comeupins”

Last week was a great week if you’re a fan of people you don’t like getting their comeupins. If you don’t know what comeupins are the Urban Dictionary defines the word as “Getting what you deserve. Usually in some form of punishment, especially a beating.” Well, no one got a physical beating thankfully but there was plenty of people being punished and shamed for their bad behavior.

Up first was White House Deputy Press Secretary and Professional Schmuck TJ Ducklo who threatened a female Politico reporter – going so far as telling her he would “destroy her”, cursing at her, and using sexist and misogynistic comments. What had the reporter done to deserve this? She was working on a story about Ducklo dating Axios political reporter Alexi McCammond, who covered the Joe Biden campaign. (Editor's note after years of acting like Homer Simpson in regards to "Comeupins" the left is starting to face "Comeupins" as Ducklo, or Sucklo am I right, is out of work as of this being published)

You see, Democrats love reporters because most reporters are Democrats and they’ll normally run cover for any Democrat. There are still a few principled journalists out there and this one had the audacity to cover a story that showcased the incestuous relationship between journalists and the Democratic party. When a Democrat is threatened by the truth is when they switch from all their supposed morality of “tolerance” and “compassion” to show what they’re really like underneath. Ducklo has been suspended for one week despite Biden’s pledge that staff behaving in this manner would be terminated. No surprise, really. We know Biden is just a corrupt, old, establishment pol that wouldn’t keep any of his promises.

On a side note, I would just like to say that the Bear likes them thicc and Alexi McCammond is a thicc gurl. So on a bi-partisan note I would just like to say good work, TJ! See? We do share some common ground after all!

Up next is a group getting their comeupins in spades – the grifters at the Lincoln Project! Rick “The South Will Rise Again” Wilson who always acts the tough guy on Twitter decided to intimidate Jennifer Horn after she retired from the Lincoln Project the previous week by tweeting out her DMs with a journalist. George Conway a.k.a “Famed Human Gasbag” noted that those actions might put Rick on some shaky legal ground and Rick (being the tough guy that he is) instantly zapped those tweets back to nothingness but not until after literally everybody got screenshots so they could dunk on him. Glorious.

The group’s troubles didn’t end there, though. Co-founder John Weaver might be in some trouble as we're finding out he used his position to harass young men and that his co-workers were warned about the issue. Now we’re being told that the FBI is involved as some of these young men might have been underage - i.e. boys. Of course, we are hearing denials from all the grifters that they ever heard anything like that. Too bad nobody is buying it and now we’re seeing their former Democrat allies beginning to turn on them. Frankly, it gives me a case of the squees.

But I saved the absolute best for last – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. For months now the media has been gushing over his handling of the rona. He wrote a book nauseatingly titled “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic”. The man even won an emmy for his “masterful” COVID-19 briefings because both our news media and our entertainment industry are just absolute garbage. But oopsie – all that just got blown the f up as the AP reported that over 9000 people had been put back in retirement homes after being treated for the rona and released from hospitals - a number 40% higher than was previously reported. Now, even New York state Democrats are beginning to turn on Cuomo and want to take away his emergency powers.

To be clear, Cuomo’s comeupins are not something that I wanted to see. His actions early on put the few people that the rona is actually dangerous to in harm’s way which is why New York leads the nation in covid deaths. The lockdowns have taken an enormous toll on New York’s economy and that’s sad because that’s a lot of our fellow Americans that are suffering. It’s also frustrating to have had our fawning corporate media lie to Americans for so long telling how great a job Cuomo was doing by saving New York through smart policy while a state that is open that has a much better economy and a much lower covid death rate such as Florida is criticized for its response. And all because a Democrat runs one and a Republican runs the other.

It’s strange to see that Democrat males and Never Trumper males share something in common more than just hated of Trump. They love to beat up on people weaker than them. Young boys, women, and old people are fair game as far as they’re concerned. Maybe they weren’t that different to begin with and we just didn’t know it until now.