Election: The Media vs Trump

You might have heard the Democrats have a candidate for president. He sometimes shows up for events that draw a small handful of people. Sometimes Trump supporters will outnumber the Democrats that have shown up as they honk horns and chant “4 more years!”. This makes the Democrat candidate big mad and he calls the Trump supporters “chumps”. The election is slightly over a week away so you’d guess that with Trump doing rallies everyday before the election that the Democrat candidate would be out doing the same thing - but you’d be wrong.

You see, Trump isn’t really running against the Democrat candidate. The Democrat candidate is old and gets tired easily. His son has been involved in business deals that trade on his father’s political offices. He makes gaffes fairly regularly and has difficulty completing full thoughts without stuttering. The Democrats know this so they have decided to pull their candidate back and not do any media or campaign events.

Trump is running against our mainstream media. The Democrats know that they don’t have to do anything because for the next few days before the election the media will be out there with every single smear they can think of to take down Trump. They will twist any situation possible to make it a negative for Trump. Here’s Jake Tapper burning what little remains of his credibility.

Does Jake Tapper really believe that the Democrat candidate was going to say “4 more years of George Lopez”? Is that really the hill he wants to die on here? It seemed clear that the candidate meant “4 more years of George Bush” as his wife says “Trump” under her breath 3 times. Is Jake Tapper that stupid? No, Tapper knows what’s going on. He’s merely covering for his preferred candidate.

A Gallup poll in August said 84% of Americans blamed the media for the political division of the country. 73% said they see too much bias in what is being passed as “objective” news. If that’s the case, then the media isn’t fooling anybody. If you’re running a campaign and you really think you have a better shot keeping your candidate under wraps and relying on the media to pull your candidate across the finish line I’d argue you’re in big trouble. The polls show clearly America’s distrust of the media. This isn’t going to end well for the Democrats.