Election Security For the People

My faith in the American electoral process has been shaken. I’m nobody special, but I’m not a dumbass either. My area in West Virginia was inundated with Democrats, so as an independent I got begged to be a poll worker. I worked numerous elections out of patriotic duty and also because it was good public relations for my grandfather’s business. In high school I volunteered to work for Joe Manchin’s gubernatorial campaign when he ran against Charlotte Pritt. When it comes to politics I don’t fancy myself an expert... but I DO pay attention.

This election has left a bad taste in my mouth and in the mouths of millions of Americans. I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories. Myself along with a large number of fellow Americans feel in our heart of hearts that Biden and his flunkies benefitted from some serious fuckery. If America is going to be the worldwide example of greatness, that shining city on the hill, we need to secure our election process. The one political party that fights any effort to secure our elections JUST HAPPENED to squeak out an election in the middle of a worldwide pandemic (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more).

Here are the steps that would restore my faith in the election process and likely restore the faith in those who feel like I do.

1) Mail in ballots have to be requested by the voter in writing. No more blanketing states with unsolicited ballots. If you had been brainwashed into thinking that your political opponent is literally Hitler 2.0, you wouldn’t think twice about sending in that one ballot that was mailed to the previous occupant of your address by mistake. When your dear granny says “your grandfather received a ballot and he’s been dead for 3 years now” you might be motivated to go get Poppa’s ballot and cast a vote against Hitler 2.0. Let's make it harder to put people in that position.

2) Purge dead voters from voter rolls. With most states having moved to electronic death certificates, social security is immediately notified when someone dies. The same could be done to notify the proper authority to purge the deceased from voter rolls. In typical and pathetic Democrat fashion, they claim such a move is inspired by racism. For me, such a move is inspired by accountability and common sense.

The Undead shouldn't be allowed to vote, sorry Michael.

3) End allowing people to register to vote on Election Day. There’s no process allowing for these registrations to be verified. Allowing people to register and vote in the same day is a recipe for serious fuckery. Alaska will allow you to register on Election Day and vote for President only. They won’t allow you to vote in any state elections. They’re cool with Presidential fuckery, but no in-state fuckery.

4) Paper ballots at the polling places. I’m an old boomer, I do not trust voting machines. I watched daily as the Florida drama unfolded and chads were scrutinized. In the end, I want a paper trail. Something tangible. I fear voting machines do not provide that. Also, determined hackers could POTENTIALLY hack voting machines. Hackers have hacked pacemakers and new vehicles, hacking a voting machine doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility.

5) Voter ID Laws. Requiring individuals to authenticate their identity at the polls is a fundamental and necessary component of ensuring the integrity of the election process. Every individual who is eligible to vote should have the opportunity to do so. It is equally important, however, that the votes of eligible voters are not stolen or diluted by a fraudulent or bogus vote cast by an ineligible or imaginary voter. The evidence from actual turnout in elections is also overwhelming that—contrary to the claims of opponents of such laws—voter ID does not depress the turnout of voters, including minority, poor, and elderly voters. So yeah, pass laws requiring voters to authenticate their identity at the polling place - that's not too much to ask - and would go a long way to protecting the integrity of our elections.

I feel these requests are reasonable and in good faith. They will not provide an advantage for either party nor place any unnecessary hardship on the voter. If America does not restore our faith in the election process, then I fear America may be lost. An America that is not interested in having fair elections is an America on life support.