Edward Durr: American Folk Hero

The Best Race Last Night Was in New Jersey

Last night, some cool stuff happened.

Parents swept anti-CRT Republicans into control of Virginia, in resounding fashion.

Statewide races across the nation swung double digits for the less-bad-occasionally-good guys, with Leftist overreach costing otherwise safe seats.

Even the New Jersey governor race was close (as of filing, a winner has not been called).

All those wins pale, however, in comparison to the best story of the night.

Let me tell you a little about one, Edward Durr.

Edward Durr was running for New Jersey Senate against Steve Sweeney.

Meet Steve Sweeney.

If I went into an art class, and said “Draw me a sleazy, Jersey Greaseball,” they'd draw Steve Sweeney. He's the epitome of gross, machine politics. He's been in the New Jersey senate forever, and is basically to Democrat politicians what a slime covered NPC character would be to humans. Moreover, this guy was in—and this cannot be stressed enough—New Jersey, a state that has burdened us with Bruce Springsteen, and a state of which my only tangible memory is my dad arguing with a toll-booth attendant. (I'm old.)

There was no reason to believe Sweeney could lose; and then the Mighty Durr stepped up to the plate.

Durr is basically the greatest political candidate ever.

1. He couldn't even be bothered to fill out his Facebook bio. He stopped at “Re,” a word which does not exist.

2. His campaign spent $153 total.

3. Of that $153 campaign war chest, he spent half of it on donuts.

One hundred and fifty three dollars. Even Flappr could bankroll that campaign. In hindsight, not running New Jersey reisdent, @michcusejac5, seems foolish.

Even his name is perfect. Durr.

A literal expression of total derision. Which is what we should have for these people we are against.

Edward Durr is some literal nobody who basically lived by John Daly's “Grip it and rip it” mantra, and is now a state senator. He won by doing absolutely nothing, and if he plans to live up to his promise to be fiscally conservative, effectively won by promising to do more of the same.

That's cool. Here are some cool Edward Durr memes.

New Jersey Senate go Durrrrr.

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Sweeney The Douchey?

America runs on DURRRRRR.

Edward Durr has developed the GOP template moving forward. Pay attention.

Burnout Out.