Dude Had a Whole Fish Removed from His Rectum

So, Flappr prides itself as being a sex positive website. Whatever you fine folks are up to in the privacy of your own home, we're good. No judgment here. But I don't think we can condone a fish up the tailpipe for men or women.

Fortunately, for one Chinese man, he didn't shove an entire fish up his pooper ON PURPOSE - no, he mistakenly SAT on the fish and it magically found its way ALL THE WAY INTO HIS RECTUM. Phew, thought we were going to have to kink shame.

Per the Daily Mail:

A 30-year-old man in China has had a whole fish removed from his rectum after he had allegedly sat on it by accident. 
Reports from local media did not specify the fish's size but the species usually measures 30-40 centimetres (12-16 inches) long.
Doctors made the shocking discovery during an X-ray scan after the 30-year-old man had gone to the hospital for severe abdominal pain.
The patient, who remains anonymous, claimed that the fish slipped into his rectum after he had accidentally sat on the creature


Now listen, I know what you're thinking. . . how did a fish magically insert itself into this man's anus just by the fact that he sat on the fish? That's a good question, but this story comes out of China and we all know that all news that comes out of China is completely accurate without any fabrication whatsoever. . . . so I am inclined to believe him.

If he DID try to get his jollies off using a fish, there are just so many questions . . . how? why? what is wrong with you? I mean the logistics of how this fish found its way into his butthole are quite astonishing. That poor fucking Tilapia, I hope it wasn't living when it totally wasn't shoved in this man's rusty bullet hole. The funniest part of this "hole" story is the reaction from the poor nurse who had to endure the surgical removal of the fish, who said: "it stinks so much!" I mean, yeah, if you stick a footlong fish up your poop chute - that's a natural consequence.

To the reactions!

BIG if true.

The only logical response.

Gives new meaning to the term "Pu Pu Platter."

PSA: for the love of god, leave animals out of sexplay!