• Nero

Dr Nero says enjoy this slow news day

The way the world has been going for the past few years it becomes hard to believe there was a time when there actually were slow news days. Well today, May 26th 2020, at least so far a throwback to that time. How do I know this you may ask? Well because “Jimmy Fallon is Over Party” is trending on Twitter

It’s days like this where journos and bloggers go looking for something to cause controversy and get clicks to their web pages or eyes to cable news show. Well I am not going to do that. Sure Flappr is brand new and a slow news day could be a great opportunity to try and drum up readership by latching on some small story and trying to blow it out of proportion but frankly that’s just beneath us here at Flappr.

I’ve spent too much energy railing against the tyranny of the shutdown and the stupidity of the media to go looking for something to complain about today.

It’s a slow news day and that is actually a good thing. On a slow news day those of us who spend way too much of time worrying about things like politics might be best served by sitting back and realizing how little of it really matters. It’s when we pretend that things like politics matters that we find ourselves trying to score political points over situations like the lock down.

Now don’t get me wrong I know damn well I will be back at tomorrow, well maybe the next day, bitching about Cuomo killing grandmas and using the covid crisis to try and get the Federal Government to bail out his pre-covid fucked budget but for today I’m going to

Go to the beach

Take a hike in nature

Maybe just put on my finest suit

And go spend some quality time with the ladies at the Den

Tomorrow we can get back to owning the libs and calling out media bias but today let’s all take advantage of the slow news day