• Nero

Dr Nero's Guide to a Healthy Relationship

American fiction is loaded with happy couples in which there is a severe disparity in attractiveness between the much more desirable woman and a slovenly man.

Such as Peter and Lois Griffin

George Costanza and Nancy Klopper

Or Steve Mnuchin and Louise Linton

Now while this may seem like wild fantasies of people who fancy themselves as writers as they pine away for a better life while sitting alone with their cat on a boat wishing they had....wait....what sorry about that. While it may seem far fetched, especially Mnuchin and Linton there may actually be something to it. At least according to the internet

This was of course met with great excitement by the Twitterverse. @Lee_Bail83 used a gif of Brian Stelter's better looking twin to express his excitement

Seriously that is Brian Stelter's twin

Leroy Brown declared it to be true:

Prison Mitch ordered a feast fit for a king to celebrate the news:

Colonel Angus decided to shoot his shot:

And Corn Pop claimed this explains why his wife is happy:

Although we may need further evidence to support his claim.

So what does all this mean? Well I am not a doctor but I do like to play one on the internet and what my expertise in the matter of relationships tells me is that women are happiest when they know their man cannot do any better. So ladies find yourself an ugly dude who will just be thankful you are willing to let him see you naked. Of course if that's not your cup of tea there is always marrying for money