• Nero

Dong Save America

Originally I had intended to retire from covering politics here on Flappr after the election but as often happens the events of history call great men to action. We here at Flappr now realize that we must become a leader of the resistance to the Biden administration and their partners in the Entertainment Industrial Complex. We cannot allow our country to fall into a malaise caused by complacency and fear. We will not allow the resistance to be hijacked by the humorless that had driven so many from the Republican Party in the 90s never to return.

We will bring them home where they belong to the party of fun and freedom. We will remind them that while those in charge of messaging from the left will cancel you at the first sign of dissent the GOP will welcome even a godless degenerate like me with open arms. We are the party of Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll. I mean just look at our version of the Squad

This is as rock and roll as it gets. As my good friend the Kentucky Cocaine Bear pointed out the “The Right is the New Counter Culture” and with this in mind we are going to Merry Prankster our way to fighting for what we believe in which is freedom to live your life without the government trying to take care of you. With that in mind I am proud to introduce the resistance movement’s first slogans “Dicks Out For Democracy” and “Make America Cool Again

We at Flappr are all donning our penis hats and taking to the streets. Not to spread mayhem and fear like the left does. You know ol’ Nero isn’t down with that. We are spreading joy and mischief to the people because in these dark times people need a little levity.

So everyone get your dongs out, yes even the ladies it’s 2020 and everyone can have a dong, and let's show the world that we can take losing the White House in stride. That we aren’t the sore losers they think we are. We can win over a lot of people who are not comfortable with Woke Culture if we just play it cool and say “Hey man we aren’t to judge. We are here to have a good time”