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Don't Stop at TikTok; Ban China

I am uninterested in hearing otherwise on this issue.

This past weekend, President Trump announced that he would be banning the popular CCP Spyware app, TikTok from the US. Psychotic teenagers across America fainted in despair and rage. Despite their humorous flailing, the reality is that this was a long time coming.

Political operations, corporations, and sundry institutions and countries across the political spectrum had already taken this step proactively. Don't let these phone clowns gaslight you: This is probably one of the most apolitical things Trump has done.

What made TikTok so insidious was twofold:

  1. It collected an amount of data which went well beyond normal, and they went out of their way to be as opaque about the process as possible. All social media platforms collect data from you--you are, afterall, the product on there--but even American apps that directly connect to your personal life (like dating apps) don't collect nearly the information TikTok does. Moreover, while other social media platforms aren't exactly up front about what information they collect and how they collect it, they don't go out of their way to hide it either.

  2. TikTok is directly connected to the CCP. The idea of divesting the US app from the CCP app was always laughable. It would be like having a husband as the CFO of a company where his wife was some kind of administrator. Do whatever you want on paper, we all know there's a conflict of interest happening.

Within that second one lies the key issue: TikTok was connected to the CCP, a regime we are effectively at war with.

The CCP's list of greatest hits includes but is not limited to:

  • Billions of dollars in intellectual property theft.

  • Currency manipulation.

  • Falsifying the quality of goods produced.

  • Genocide.

  • Untold environmental devastation.

  • Supporting the belligerent hermit state of North Korea.

  • Invasion of Honk Kong.

  • Anti-American propaganda campaigns spread through its control of Hollywood and the recording industry.

You might not think you're at war with them, but they think they're at war with you. The reality is that we need to treat this as if we were at war. Ban China from the US.

I don't really care who this hurts. Smaller people and businesses will thrive again as the goods from Chinese Slave Labor dry up. If a company like Disney, Apple, Dollar General, or the NBA happens to go under because of a total firewall going up between us and the CCP, so be it. Fuck them.

I am uninterested in hearing about how there are good people in China. I'm sure there are. I'm sure there were good people in Nazi Germany too. We still had to carpet bomb them. If I am to be responsible for sins my ancestors didn't even commit, they can be responsible for their ancestors' sin of allowing Maoism to runamok.

I am uninterested in hearing about how my calls for total expulsion of China from our borders is somehow xenophobic, because it is not. I'm not calling for the expulsion of all Chinese people, but of Chinese Nationals whose loyalty is still to the CCP. They are Maoists.

Maoism, Marxism, Leninism, these ideologies of death have no place in America. They have no place in academia. They have no place in a civilized society, and they must be snuffed out swiftly and brutally. Their advocates must be expunged, their writings wiped off the face of the Earth. There must be no mercy, no quarter, no exchange of ideas, no debate. End them now.

Banning TikTok was a good first step. Eradicating elements of Maoism from our shores is the only way to make it worth while.


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