Dolly Parton is the Feminist Icon that the Left Wants You to Ignore

A lot of commercials debuted this week during the Superb Owl, and some have been quite controversial, The Boss drove around, after getting a DWI, in a Jeep and talked about unity, then promptly went back to spouting his commie nonsense no doubt. Budweiser made a big stink about not doing commercials this year, and then did commercials, John Travolta danced, as he does and some skinny famous rich folks ate Cheetos while a has-been sang a song that was originally about bangin' chicks.

And then Dolly Parton celebrated the joys of entrepreneurship and the woke politburo lost their minds.

Now I have no clue who Kim Kelly is, and I don't care, but we have to address first the elephant in the room here, and that is:


Dolly Parton is a National Treasure. I would guess Nicholas Cage has probably tried to kidnap her at least twice, that's how much she is a National Treasure.

Dolly Parton is not just a country singer in a sparkly costume. She is a songwriter, actress, writer, producer, entrepreneur, businesswoman, job creator, ambassador, philanthropist and role model. Dolly Parton IS the American Dream. She came from nothing, and used her talent to lift herself out of poverty, and her family, and an entire county out of poverty as well.

Dolly Parton IS real feminism, she's the very epitome of it, because she did all of this in an outfit that "feminists" and womxn's studies scholars tell you you cant possibly wear if you are to be taken seriously. Dolly didn't get to be a multimillionaire by waiting for it to be handed to her. She earned every bit of it, by working. THAT, ladies is power.

Girl power.

Dolly Parton doesn't have time for your bullshit, she's far too busy making deals and creating things to put on a stupid pink hat and corduroy pants and scream at the sky. She's busy counting her dollars and contributing to her community.

You want to get somewhere in life ladies? Watch Dolly. She got everything she has by embracing being a woman. When people poo-pooed her for being who she is and dressing like she does and made assumptions about how smart she really is, she took it all in, and laughed all the way to the bank.

You want the power to do whatever you want in life ladies? Stop waiting around for someone to notice you and hear your cries for "equality!!" Put on some lipstick and your good bra and start making money moves.

Which brings me to the topic of the article, Ms. Kelly, misses the point of the original song, and the redux entirely. The original song "9 to 5," is about keeping an eye out for opportunities to break out of the regular workforce, yeah your boss sucks "but you've got dreams they'll never take away." That is precisely what the Squarespace commercial is about, celebrating those who would put in four extra hours a day, in the hopes that someday THEY will be the boss.

Working toward a goal? Wanting to use the talents with which you were blessed to earn a living? Putting in a few extra hours now so you can retire happy? Wow does that seem like some bullshit, huh?

This is just another way they are trying to distract you. If you think working more than 40 hours a week is bullshit, you will gladly accept the pittance from the government to stay home. If you think a self made multi millionaire is the devil incarnate, you won't try capitalism and like it. The best way to control the sheep is to keep them docile, and and the best way to keep them docile is keep them reliant on handouts from daddy government.

I don't know about any of you, but in my adult life I have never worked just 9 to 5. I wish I only worked 9 to 5. I don't even know how to do that, but if there was a way for me to put in four extra hours a day and earn a dollar doing something I love to do, that brings me joy, what on earth is wrong with that?