Dianne Feinstein: A Cautionary Tale

There is something strange and sad happening to Dianne Feinstein right now and it’s happening in public, for all of us to see. The thrice married, saucy minx, former mayor of San Francisco (before it was blanketed in human feces), and a senator for 28 years, appears to be being pushed out to sea on an ice float of humiliation to either die or disappear. The strange thing is, this is not being done by Republicans, as some might assume, this is being done to her by her own party. So, as she is a member in good standing of the party that is, admittedly, REMARKABLY amazing at closing ranks and protecting their own, what fucking gives?

Before we go on, let us suspend any issues we may have with Dianne’s policies, possible corruption, legislative record, etc. This is not about any of that. Not today anyway. Today, we are talking about a woman who has been a steadfast foot soldier for the Democratic party since before most people reading this article were even born (except for Prof. Jimbo). Instead, consider this a cautionary tale to Dems who think that they will be protected in their dotage and rewarded for their years of service with a little dignified treatment and general respect. If the recent press leaks about Miz Dianne are anything to go by, you’d better think again…

So, what’s going on? Well, while little drips of information suggesting Feinstein (who is 87 years old and still a smash fox for her age, if you ask me)

has lost a step or two, are not exactly new (as a C-Span junkie, I assure you, those mics pick up ALL this stuff…), those drips have become a deluge in the last week or so. A story run by The New Yorker and subsequently sniped by practically every news organization in the country, recounts how, according to both current and former aides (speaking anonymously, of course), the lady is seriously sliding in the memory and cognition departments. Apparently, she doesn’t remember briefings she had received a few minutes prior, can’t remember things she had said just a moment before, asks the same question multiple times and gets frustrated with herself and others when she doesn’t understand something. All these things would be entirely understandable and worthy of empathy if she were a normal, 87-year-old woman. But she’s not. She’s a US Senator. A Democratic US Senator. Some might argue, an icon. So how do the Democrats treat their icons?

First, the shot. They make her step down from her position on the Judiciary Committee. This is a fairly reasonable request, all things considered, but the WAY they did it says a lot. Chuck Schumer, that bastion of kindness and ethics, the bulwark against all things dark and evil, is the one that needed to make the request of her, not once, but twice, since she (allegedly) never remembered having the first conversation. And the chaser? The chaser is the answer to this question; WHY do we know about this? WHY do we know these embarrassing details about Dianne Feinstein and her age appropriate (or at least not shocking) decline? Because they WANTED us to, is the answer. People in the know, from former, to current aides, right up to Senate colleagues, made sure these details somehow made it into the press and therefore, into all our heads.

Why, in the name of all things holy, would you go out of your way to make sure that your colleague ended her career amidst headlines screaming that she was back sliding into intellectual infanthood? You know goddamn well that it is well within the Dem’s power to keep this sort of thing, if not entirely hidden, then at least contained to a few people OR minimized in the press to something shrugged off as silly rumor. They could have gently, and PRIVATELY, eased her out of positions that she was likely to make mistakes or embarrass herself in. They could have let her remaining 4 years wind down peacefully with her sitting in her comfy chair and just not doing any damage. They could have eased her into retirement with some dignity and respect. They could have protected her. But they didn’t.

Now, the (alleged) reasons for why this is happening would sound completely insane to a rational person, or one with a shred of kindness somewhere within them but, we are not dealing with those kinds of people. It would SEEM that the reason all of this information is now part of the public forum is because Dianne Feinstein had lost her taste for blood. Apparently the Dem leadership was ENRAGED that she had the audacity to hug Lindsey Graham

(my theory is that he already knew these things, knew they were both leaving their leadership positions, and was caught up in a moment of both sentiment, and kindness).

So, was it the Lindsey hug? Was it asking Jack Dorsey the same question twice? Are they punishing her because she didn’t call Amy Coney Barrett a lunatic cunt on live TV as she was expected to during the most recent Supreme Court hearings? Did she accidentally embarrass them during a press conference? Was it because she suggested there might be an alternative to the Green New Deal? Was she too “moderate”? Or, does she simply no longer have the appetite for cruelty and ruthlessness required by today’s Democratic Party? Who knows for certain which domino caused this fall but, the fact remains, one did fall, and now, so will Dianne. So much for Democratic solidarity. Let this be a lesson for anyone thinking of getting into politics; when the chips are down, these people are sharks. If they won’t think twice about eating each other, they certainly won’t hesitate when it comes time to eat YOU.