'Dexter' Reboot adds Emmy Winner Andrew Cuomo

On Monday morning, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was presented with an International Emmy Award for his work related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some, like yours truly, were initially critical when the announcement first dropped last week. But when you think about it, I guess it makes sense.

But others were a bit more congratulatory towards the Democrat governor who oversaw the greatest death toll in the United States. Well deserved!

Netflix produced a documentary of Cuomo's coronavirus pandemic response, which is also up for an Emmy this awards season.

But perhaps the biggest news in this entire ordeal is that Showtime's hit series Dexter, which went off the air in 2013 but is rebooting for a limited series in the near future, will be adding Cuomo as their "Big Bad" for the new season.

For those who are not familiar with the program - Dexter is a show about a serial killer who kills other murderers. He channels his innate urge for blood by taking out some very bad people, usually murderers or serial killers themselves. Dexter would execute a number of these kills very season but always ends up pursuing a "Big Bad" that ties the whole thing together. Dexter and the Big Bad's ultimate showdown wraps the whole season up.

Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) will join the cast in 2021 as the newest Big Bad. The Nursing Home Killer aka the COVID Killer aka the Grandma Killer, identifiable by his signature nipple rings, will join the likes of the Ice Truck Killer, the Trinity Killer, the Doomsday Killer, and the Bay Harbor Butcher in Dexter lore. This is a man with a body count that no former villain can come close to matching, to the degree of tens of thousands. Sounds like the biggest and baddest Big Bad yet. The new season is going to be absolutely thrilling!

Note: No news yet regarding Fredo Cuomo's casting to act as the Nursing Home Killer's inept meathead sidekick but we expect an official announcement shortly.