• Nero

Democrats to America "The Fourth of July is Racist"

In a subsequently deleted tweet the official twitter account of the Democratic National Committee showed the world what they really think of the United States and our traditions. According to the Democrat National Committee the Fourth of July is a celebration of White Supremacy on par with a rally at Nuremberg. Or something like that.

Yes, while attempting to pander to Native Americans the Democrats just told every suburban family that loves to grill burgers and hot dogs while the kids play with explosives that they are taking part in a celebration of white supremacy.

I mean this with all sincerity can anyone honestly look in the mirror and tell themselves that the leftists who have taken control of the Democratic Party’s messaging don’t hate everything that makes this country what it is?

Essentially, if you want to take their argument about America to its logical conclusion, we're a terrible place that every single day continues to oppress the people who live here and throughout the world. If that's the case, then it sure feels like we don't have much of a country left.

Anyway twitter of course responded to the Democrats, not that it really matters because Dems are gonna Dem.

If you of you are doubting that these people hate America here is a response to me responding Representative Crenshaw’s tweet proving that yes they do.

Yep that’s right the Fourth of July is like celebrating 9/11. Apparently the birth of a nation after an estimated 90 percent of the native population had died out, due mostly to disease, is the same thing as terrorists attacking the nation that was born that day. Or something.

Only the willfully blind will not admit that what is going on isn’t about race. It is using race as an excuse to try and take down the American system. Ted Cruz is absolutely correct, something I never would have believed I would say just four years ago, with what he says here.

This confrontation here in New York is a perfect example of what we are witnessing. You watch this and tell me that this has anything to do with race.

This is a privileged kid who is probably angry because the hot girls in school wouldn’t fuck him. Can you blame them? This is what happens when you start giving participation trophies and ban bullying.

The left hates fun because it is made up of people like that ginger fuck in New York who never had any fun. The most important thing you can do, besides arming yourselves against the mob, is to not let this joyless pieces of shit ruin your holiday plans.

Look I am not some firebrand conservative. You don’t see me out there on Twitter trying to impeach John Roberts do you? Hell I support abortion rights up until the 225th month. I was never a member of the Republican party even until after 2016 when these leftist maniacs became the heart and soul of the Democrats and left with no choice but to go all in on the other side because the left is so damn dangerous to everything that makes this country great.

I have lived in one of the socialist countries that the left likes to point to and let me tell you it was fucking lame. If you like grocery shopping late at night, for example, because there are fewer humans or because you are a night owl in a strictly controlled economy you are out of luck because the state tells businesses when they can be open. There are so few freedoms in those countries compared to the United States because the majority gets to make decisions for everyone. That is true tyranny and that is what these people who are anti-American are fighting for regardless of what they call themselves.

Is America perfect? No, but nothing is. With all its flaws the American system is when compared to every other system of laws and governance the most free and therefore the best humanity has to offer. Civilization was a mistake, it's true but the United States is the best that mistake has to offer and if it goes away what will replace it is much, much worse. I ask of you all not to let the terrorists win. Don’t let their hatred of fun get you to change your plans. I know I won’t

Some may think he is joking but we are pretty damn sure this is exactly what Nero has planned