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Democrats and Their Antifa Allies Have Proven We Don't Need Mail In Voting

There are two periods of American history I love. One is the period between the end of the Monroe administration and the end of the Grant administration, and the other is that golden age when Calvin Coolidge was in office. I’m here to briefly talk to you about the former.

One of the blackest marks on American history is the Fugitive Slave Act. For those that need a refresher: As part of the Compromise of 1850, Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act, which said that escaped slaves found in Northern states had to be returned to their owners under penalty of a $1,000 fine.

What’s really important, however, is that this stayed on the books until the beginning of the Civil War. At the onset, Union troops were required to return slaves to their respective owners the same as always. This caused some generals to question if we were using the soundest strategy.

Benjamin Butler (a not particularly good guy) made the case to Lincoln as follows: 1. The laws of a nation can only apply within its borders, or be extended to its own citizens if abroad.

2. The Confederacy and its supporters claimed both the status of a sovereign nation with its own citizenship, and defined borders. 3. Ergo, the Fugitive Slave Act does not apply, because the Confederacy explicitly claims that it is not part of Federal purview.

It was an interesting argument that won Lincoln over. Federal troops stopped returning slaves and the war played itself out.

Back to the present day.

Antifa, the Media, and their Democrat allies have repeatedly made the claim that we need mass mail-in voting because we’re all going to die of the Sino-Pacific Lung Rot if we go to vote in person. This is definitely a position they have. It’s an interesting one, too, because of stuff like this:

You don’t know who Carolyn B. Maloney is because New Yorkers are idiots and would vote for Mao if you stuck a blue D on his coat. There is zero chance she will ever be voted out of office in a general election. Primaried by some other lunatic Democrat? Sure. But she otherwise doesn’t have to come out of her hidey hole onto TV because, again, New Yorkers are the stupidest people on the planet so she can just keep showing up on the ballot as a Democrat and hold her seat until she dies.

I’m left to wonder which one it is: Are we all going to die if we venture out from our homes, or do we need poll workers immediately? (No, AOC, not that kind of pole worker. Down, girl.)

So, what exactly does this have to do with “Spoons” Benjamin Butler? Well, Antifa and their Democrat allies explicitly claim they are not bound by American law, are starting a revolution, and ergo are not American citizens.

So who freakin cares if they can vote at all? They made our case for us, guys. In fact, if you think about it, there’s no reason to even have early voting or non-military absentee voting. Nobody’s allowed to go anywhere or do anything; this might be the best chance for those poor, disenfranchised voters I hear so much about to get to the polls.

In fact, I’d say those voters should send a big thank you to Antifa and their Democrat allies for creating this environment. Surely people will be grateful that they got all day to vote at the cost of their entire livelihood.

No mail in voting. The people pushing for it proved it isn’t needed.

And fuck people from New York City.


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