• Nero

Dementia Patient Seeks Help Getting Through Grueling Campaign Schedule

The DNC's crowning of Joe Biden as it's nominee for President is moving along unhindered by the Covid Crisis or a much more credible accusation of sexual assault than the one the Democrats tried to use to sink Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. There are however problems choosing to run a candidate who's mental acuity makes the "Toddler in Chief"

seem far and away the most mentally stable candidate for office.

With this in mind it seems that the DNC insiders are leaning towards turning to a woman with a long history of lending a helping hand to those in need to serve as Joe Biden's caretaker... I mean running mate.

Rose Twitter was of course less than thrilled with the idea

When all is said it done it is clear that the DNC seems to think that by putting a woman or color, regardless of how the Sanders wing of the party feels about her positions and record, is enough to win over the Woking Dead voters. I mean sure they could choose to go with a woman of color who has the kind of positions the Sanders wing agrees with

However she was mean to President Obama's good friend Kamala Harris and would really upset the DNC's corporate donors