Defund the police? Your white ignorance is showing

If you've asked yourself "Why are white liberals so adamant about defunding the police?" - let me tell you why. Most white liberals simply don't know many black people. They don't. It's one of their biggest internal shames and it's one of the reasons they're so adamant about being a liberal. They get to tell themselves each and everyday that they are the side of inclusion. Of love. Of acceptance. In the meantime, they live in overwhelming white worlds with very little interaction with black people.

The city of Seattle, Washington has a black population that accounts for a measly 7% of the city. Portland, Oregon is even worse with only 6% of the city being black. New York City has a higher percentage at 22% but is one of the most segregated cities I’ve ever lived in. Don’t believe me? The two images below show NYC based on where races live (view data). The right image is where whites live (or don’t live). The left image is where blacks live. Notice anything weird?

The results of this are not hard to discern. It leads to an extreme lack of information and awareness of what your fellow black citizens actually think. If they did, they would understand that 4 out of 5 black people would prefer to have the level of police presence at current levels or have even more of a presence.

But it gets worse! Because they have to double down on “being liberal” they have to live with a level of cognitive dissonance that I’m pretty sure is the reason most of them are clearly bat-shit insane. Black lives matter but not if that black person is a police officer. Consider Seattle police chief Carmen Best that has spent 30 years with the SPD but is now retiring due to the defund demands. By the way, she retired as a total class act. Should she continue her career in policing another city will be getting an excellent hire.

When you live in a city that isn’t totally segregated and has a high level of black population you get a completely different outcome. My city (Louisville, Kentucky) has a black population that accounts for 33% of the city. That's right. 1 in 3 residents of this awesome city are black. There's no bar, restaurant, gym, or shop that you can visit without encountering one of your black neighbors. I’ve gingerly approached the subject of police with a black man at a bar and we were in complete agreement – reform but don’t defund. While most cities are trying to go out of their way to let people block streets or riot – my city is following the opposite path.

Why? Because roads being blocked and people rioting effects both blacks and whites and can put us both in danger. No one wants it. So next time you see a white defund proponent you should pity them. They don’t know how their fellow black citizens actually think.