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Damn The Grifter Class to Hell

I could pick any of the Lincoln Project Trolls to target for this.

I could pick Rick Wilson.

I could pick Tom Nicholls.

I could pick Amanda Carpenter, or Jonah Goldberg, or S.E. Cupp, or Heath Mayo.

So I guess I pick all of them.

Over the weekend, God lobbed lovers of Western Civilization everywhere a softball by mercifully recalling Ruth Bader Ginsberg from whatever stasis chamber the Communists were trying to keep her alive in. May she rest in peace. I didn’t quite understand the tributes to her career though. She was nothing more than a run of the mill leftist with a black robe add-on as opposed to a black mask.

The point is that on Friday, September 18, Anno Domini 2020, we got presented the chance to shift the court back to something a little more constructionist.

Any of those names up front would have been a good bet to come out with a valiant plan to surrender first. Personally, my money was on one of the Lincoln Project Gang. But coming along the rail with a late break was David French. David A. French doesn’t want us to pounce on this. Instead, he wants us to strike a deal with Democrats to wait until after the election. You know, on some kind of handshake agreement.

Don’t take my word for it either. Take his:

There is a vast difference between a friend who disagrees and an enemy who seeks to dominate. One vision sustains democracy. The other could destroy our republic. As millions of Americans confront both the grief of the loss of a hero while also girding for the divisive cultural battle to come, who will remember the friendship between Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg? And may we also remember Abraham Lincoln’s famous admonition—ignored to our nation’s great and enduring sorrow—“We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.

Here’s the problem, David, it’s that the other side openly hates us, so at the risk of offending our precious linguistic norms:

Screw right off.

These people are not our friends. They do not act like it. In fact, they openly flout the idea that we are not friends. They do not wish to bargain in good faith. We see this through their ramming through of the ACA along strictly partisan lines. We see it in their tacit endorsements of BLM. We hear it in their far left rhetoric they espouse as gospel truth.

I've talked about the The Surrender Class a lot, and the reality is that listening to them has--unsurprisingly--resulted in a rousing succession of defeats.

The Surrender Class got us two unending wars.

The Surrender Class got us John “Is It Good for Globalism” Roberts.

The Surrender Class gave us two years where Obama and the far-left Communists in the Democrat Party got to run wild in the halls of Congress.

The Surrender Class got us a laughably bad candidate in 2008, when several more viable options were on the table.

The Surrender Class nominated Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to run against Obama in 2012. And we lost, because Mitt Romney hates conservatives and Paul Ryan got punked by Joe fucking Biden.

The Surrender Class nominated Jeb! Bush, and then openly looked into running non-viable-third-party-candidates rather than vote for Trump.

You know what not listening to The Surrender Class got us? It got us Trump.

It retook Rust Belt states that hadn't been won since I before my parents were even married (Wisconsin), since I was a toddler (Michigan & Pennsylvania), and since I was in high school (Iowa) .

It got us tax cuts, regulatory rollbacks, manufacturing growth, better trade deals, net energy exports, and brought our boys home.

It got us Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and a total reshaping of the federal judiciary for the better thanks to The Don, The Federalist Society, and Cocaine Mitch McConnell. And it's on the precipice of shifting the highest court in the land to a dramatically more constructionist view.

And now, when we have a chance to swing the highest court in the land out of the hands of the Communists for the next generation, to drive conservative and libertarian voting enthusiasm through the roof, and to crush Communist enthusiasm back into the stone age, the Surrender Class types want us to fall back? To disengage? To beg the Communists for compromise?

What exactly have the Communists done to warrant this trust?

They tried to fabricate multiple impeachment paths against the president.

The elected anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. They elected open Communists like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

They put the 1619 project in our schools.

They shoved critical race theory into our governments.

They destroyed countless lives over the Wuhan Virus and the unending lockdowns they implemented in their attempts to grab power through the bureaucracy.

Through the universities, they have poisoned women against men, children versus parents, neighbor against neighbor.

And they’ve been talking about packing the courts since FDR.

Damn them to hell, and damn the Weakling Norms Brigade that would lead us back down the road of losing. You can't choose to die upon a better hill until you have reached a valley. Consider the valley reached.

Go and be with them, and leave the new dawn under Trump for those of us who chose not to bow before the idol of Marxism. The Surrender Class stands for nothing save their own immediate security and comfort.


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