Daily Thoughts 3.16.21

While trying to think of content ideas for the website, I came across a website for teachers that is designed to help give teachers prompts for discussion each day.

Every day, this website publishes four items: Thought of the day, joke of the day, random fact of the day and a journal entry idea. Now, I am not an elementary school student, but some may argue that my intelligence is on par with a 5th grader (I'm being generous), so I figured - what the hell, let's roll with it.

So, without further ado - here are my Daily Thoughts:

Journal Entry Idea:

What superhero powers would you wish to have?

Whoa, that's an interesting question. Hmmm. My first instinct is to go with something like immortality, but given the current state of affairs - not sure I want to live forever. Also, if I was immortal, I'd end up having to see all of my loved ones pass away. That would be torture.

Maybe invisibility? Hmmm that sounds a bit problematic these days too. . . I mean if a dude is invisible, he could just stroll into a ladies' locker room and become a super creep. Not touching that one with a ten foot pole.

Aha, mind control, that's the one I'd choose. Why mind control? Well, it's kind of like what the media does every day, right? They just tell you some facts, and not others. If they don't have facts, they just make them up. Kind of like what the Washington Post did with their reporting on Trump's call with Georgia:

I mean, what better way to get the population to believe what you want, than just lie to them and they'll believe you because of your "institutional credibility".

Apply the same logic to what's going on with Tucker Carlson right now. He said that our Military should be focused on China rather than wokeism. In response, our Military posted tweets attacking him for sexism:

Think about that - a General in the US Military singling out a journalist for a benign opinion he had (that pregnant women shouldn't fly fighter jets - he's right). Now think about what the media would've said if a General in the US Military came out and criticized, let's say. . . Chris Cuomo by name. Yeah, they'd be crying FASCIM from the roof tops. Right now, Tucker Carlson is receiving exactly zero support from the corporate media and nobody is condemning this egregious breaking of protocol.

So, yeah, even though China is beating us in every war games military simulation right now, and Tucker Carlson is 100% correct in his argument, the media is focusing on "sexism" instead of national security. And people believe them.

Mind control, it sounds pretty awesome.

End of Journal Entry.


Happy Tuesday. God Bless America.