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Cuomosexuals are Definitely Super Cereal (Updated)

In the midst of a pandemic that has killed tens of thousands of Americans and is keeping millions more out of work the media and those who follow their every world cannot help but praise and worship the leader of the state with far an away the worst Covid-19 breakout.

Governor Andy C, when he isn't having his nipple clamps adjusted, recently tweeted out

Which of course was immediately met with mockery like this from badaise

The very next day it was reported that NY had failed to disclose more than 1700 nursing home deaths a number mind you that is about the same as the total number of deaths to date in the state of Florida whose governor Ron Desantis has been much maligned despite doing one of the best jobs in the country, more on that later. The cool Stephen Miller pointed out that NY had forced nursing homes to take discharged Covid-19 patients making whomever, made that order, Little Andy C, the real Grandma Killer

Then on May 7th this total asshole who thinks he is funny came across this article pointing out that NY had Covid-19 infected nurses working in upstate nursing homes

So what does this mean for Governor Grandma Killer who has been using the Covid-19 crisis to try and get the rest of the country to bail out his already yuge budget deficit? Does it mean national scrutiny? Does it mean any serious coverage of all the missteps his administration has made? What it means is that ABC "News" does a piece on an Etsy store devoted to Governor Grandma Killer

Meanwhile the Governor of the state that has been doing a fantastic job as noted here by The Hill

Still has mostly bad press

And certainly no Stans because we as a nation are clearly taking this super cereal

Today thanks to Mike we got a look at the NY State Dept of Health nursing home order


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