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Culture War And Peace

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of ink spilled on how Democrats can’t ignore the culture war anymore.

A New York Times writer recently said: “The culture war is here, whether Democrats like it or not. The only alternative to fighting it, is losing it.”

Back in March Politico mused that “Democrats have been on defense” regarding the GOP’s “alarmingly potent” attacks.

Juan Williams writes in The Hill “Today’s Democrats need to tackle the culture wars head-on, too. But the threat they must confront is on the hard right, not the hard left.”

To which I would say - “Physician, heal thyself”. If they think they’ll gain any ground by looking at issues outside of their own party – well, good luck with that.

The sheer audacity of the sentiment that the Left has somehow ignored or not been a participant in the culture wars proves these people are either completely dishonest or completely untethered from reality. Furthermore, pretending not to understand that the Left continually has been the aggressor on the issue of culture over the past 30 years requires a mental dodge akin to watching Neo avoid bullets in The Matrix.

Pretty sweet moves, dude.

This kind of thinking is pretty much par for the course with Democrats and the modern Left these days.

- Democrats aren’t doing well in polls, not because they tried to do too much, but because they haven’t tried to do enough. You see, if only evil Joe Manchin had got in line and helped pass a few trillion dollar spending bill packed with Green New Deal incentives and social spending initiatives, the American public would be rallying to their side. Shoot, I bet they would gain House seats this fall!

- Our institutions are under attack - and only Democrats can defend them. Democrats were horrified by the questions directed at Ketanji Brown Jackson but it was totally different when they casually accused Kavanaugh of rape or when they discussed the need to pack the Supreme Court. Speaking of Supreme Court packing, they also floated ideas like abolishing the electoral college, abolishing the filibuster, and federalizing elections. “Only by completely changing or destroying our institutions can we save them. Why are you so dumb that you can’t understand this???”

At this point, you get the basic idea. Push a radical and unpopular agenda that attempts to remake American society? “Not us!”, say Democrats. Attempt to change basic ways American government functions? “We’re trying to save our shared heritage, not tear it down!” Finally begin to fight the cultural war? “Yeah! We haven’t tried that yet! If we do, the American public will certainly support us!” say the same people that create and support “culturally neutral” shows like… um, this…


The Left and their co-travellers (the “True Conservatives”) are all aflutter over DeSantis taking a 2x4 to Disney’s proverbial face for deciding to get involved in Florida’s politics. They’re “horrified” by a government official punishing a large corporation for being politically active. These are the same people whom...

- Made Hobby Lobby appeal to SCOTUS to fight against a law that they felt violated their religious freedoms.

- Tried to force a private baker to bake a cake with a message that he felt violated his religious beliefs.

- Sued nuns (The Little Sisters of the Poor) to force them to comply with new laws. (How low do you have to be to sue nuns?)

You know what? F**k these people.

We’re supposed to let groomers and weirdos advance their causes by any available means (including government intervention) but also we’re supposed to catch the vapors and clutch our pearls when our side fights back?

Nope. Not any more. We are done playing that game.

Now that the Right is returning fire you have to wonder – what exactly is the Left’s plan to “start fighting back”? I mean, they’ve just been being good little boys and girls minding their own business until now – how are they going to engage? I’ve read each piece thinking this would surely be a core component of the article.

“Please! Please tell us how you’re going to start winning over the hearts and minds of your fellow Americans!”, I beggged.

It always boils down to two recommendations – both being laughable strategies.

First, “fight the right” by continuing to point out how big a meanie Trump is and how bad the GOP is for taking the sides of parents.

Second. “message better”. Democrats are always surprised that the American public dislikes their policies. Literally each one of these articles points to just getting the dum-dums in the public to finally understand how great their policies are and BOOM – instant electoral victory.

This says it best:

The truth is the Democrats don’t have any weapons left in this fight unless they want to become the literal embodiment of what they always accuse the Right of being and truly do become fascists themselves. Short of violence or changing the Constitution – they’ve played every card they had. They’re losing and they know it which is why the shrieking on their side grows ever more shrill.

Employing tactics like doxxing Libs of TikTok is a measure of just how desperate they are and even that backfired. Thank you, Taylor, for pointing an even bigger spotlight to your side as the account gained hundreds of thousands of new followers. I bet there was a slew of people scrolling through that page over the past few days clicking on each video and thinking to themselves “What in the hell is wrong with these people?”

Democrats can scream “We’re moderates and we have good policies” all they want. Without a very real purge in their party against the extremist elements that have taken hold they’ll continue to lose more and more “regular Americans”, relegating themselves to minority party status for the next few years or possibly even longer.


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