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Ted Cruz Off The Top Rope; Old Weirdo Who Played Hellboy Wants a Piece

Political discourse being what it is in the 21st Century a little scuffle was started when pretend tough guy and Hollywood star known for being required to hide his appearance under pounds of makeup Ron Perlman decided to judge congressmen based on their appearance.

Fortunately a true American hero and basketball star Ted Cruz was quick on the draw to come to

his colleague’s aid. Suggesting that Mr. Hollywood and Congressman Jordan have a wrestling match to raise money for charity.

Apparently Mr. Hollywood wanted to talk tough but was frightened to get into the ring with Congressman Jordan. Even a gigantic cuck like Jimmy Kimmel was willing to accept Senator Cruz’s challenge to play basketball. The cuck of course lost.

To which Zodiac went for the kill shot

Truly this is where the nation is at this point in time and we should embrace it. We have a WWE Hall of Famer in the Oval Office and plenty of other wrestlers in and running for office including friend of Flappr and future Nevada Congressman Big Dan Rodimer. Can anyone honestly tell me that settling political disputes in a steel cage wouldn’t be more efficient than endless debate on legislation that has no chance of becoming law?

Soon enough the Thunderdome will be the law anyway so we might as well get used to it.

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