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Covid-19, Proxy Wars and the Premise of The Leftovers was off base

Back in June of 2014 The Leftovers premiered on HBO and while it was an excellent series I found the premise that the disappearance of 2% of the population would still have a lasting effect on society at large less believable than the series finale of True Blood where nobody at a Ted Cruz fund raiser at the Bush Library was packing heat when the Yakuza came in shooting.

The concept of the human psyche being so weak that people would not be able to completely move on with their lives three years later just made no sense. This is coming from someone who doesn't think highly of humans in the first place mind you.

Covid-19 has given me an opportunity to test my theory and while there are several who are overly concerned becoming a real world version of the Guilty Remnant

Far more people are looking at the 85,000 or so Covid related deaths as of this moment and saying fuck it I am going to the beach.

Now we won't know for sure if this proves my theory correct for a few months but we are starting to see some data on it. As Democrats are overwhelmingly positioned as the party that wants to keep people safe, despite not keeping people safe, Republicans are positioned as only caring about the economy at the expense of human lives.

This is where the Proxy War comes in. The November election will be between a 73 year old toddler and a 77 year old dementia patient this screen shot of the official Trump 2020 website proves both points.

However the real race will be fought in the states with GOP governors such as Desantis, Kemp, and Abbott as proxies for Trump and Dem governors such as Newsom, Whitmer, and Cuomo as proxies for Biden.

In November all races, be they the presidential, senate, or house, will be decided based on the voters feeling as to how the governors mentioned in the paragraph above have handled the crisis and if they care more about the millions out of work or the 100k or who have died related to Covid-19.

This is where the real irony comes into play by the way. Democrats while being seen as wanting to save lives are overseeing states that have very high deaths per million rates Whitmer 472 deaths per million and Cuomo 1,403 deaths per million for example. The GOP on the other hand while being portrayed as only caring about money are overseeing states with much lower deaths per million rates 85 in Florida and 143 in Georgia in states of similar size of New York and Michigan.

Should states like Florida, Texas, and Georgia open back up and not see bigly numbers of new deaths while Michigan, New York, and California stay on lock down November is going to be as bloody for the Democrats as they are pretending Covid-19 is for the United States. Looking the poor showing Christy Smith had in trying to hold Katie Hill's congressional seat on Tuesday in a district Hillary Clinton carried by 9 points it seems that the voters are already choosing and not the way the Dems thought they would.

In the end it seems that Democrats are betting on Americans in red states dying to win an election while hoping their constituents are okay living off of the government and staying inside all summer. For all intents and purposes the Democrats have become the despicable power mad party that they so often want to portray the GOP as.


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