• Nero

Constitution Day: Without the 2nd Amendment the rest is meaningless

As I was sitting out on deck enjoying the nice Florida breeze as we here been experiencing what is for all intents and purposes a normal end of summer. I realized it was Constitution Day. With that in mind I was left to wonder was this the last summer in which the rule of law and the US Constitution?

Frankly we have already seen our civil liberties eroded by the draconian measures taken by certain parts of the country in response to Covid-19. Fortunately at least some areas are seeing relief as a Federal Judge has ruled the measures to be unconstitutional.

Like him or not there can be no reasonable way to deny that what Attorney General Bill Bar said about the restrictions being other than slavery the biggest intrusion on civil liberties the American people have faced.

The attack on our civil liberties is frightening enough as it is but what is really concerning is how the people who scream most loudly about fascism support these fascist acts.

Despite what people like this crazy lady think Trump is not in any way shape or form a fascist. Do you know what would happen to all those protests if we had a fascist government?

Despite what many are told and what a frighteningly number of people want to believe Donald Trump is not a fascist. Not even close. Sure he talks shit about the press but have they been sent Gitmo where they belong? No, they have not. Why is that you may ask. Because Donald Trump is not a fucking fascist.

Fascism is by definition in which the state is more important than the people. This is the same for communism which is why all Marxists are at their hearts fascists. Why does Donald Trump get so much shit from politicians and career government employees? Because he has done things to weaken the control of the state which is antithetical to being a fascist. What are the first things any fascist regime does to seize power? They get rid of localized police and disarm the citizenry.

What Fascism actually looks like

The US constitution was written to protect the states from the Federal government. This was to avoid the tyranny of the majority. They probably would have said fascism but that wasn’t a word in the 18th century. After the 14th Amendment the rights guaranteed in the constitution were federally guaranteed to individuals and not just the states. While this was a violation of the principles of federalism it did protect against the fascist tendencies of many.

Here is the thing about all of the rights we hold dearly in this country. Without the 2nd amendment they are worthless. Guns are the only thing that protect your rights. Governments are created to protect the rights of individuals so they do not have to. The problem is that over the course of its existence a government tends to become corrupted by the human desire to control what other people do. If the police are defunded or are facing criminal and civil penalties for doing their job, protecting your rights, we find ourselves with a serious problem. Suddenly you will find self described “people’s police” sprouting up that are not beholding to the rule of law but the will of those supporting them. This already happened in the CHAZ earlier this summer and there was video in Portland just a couple of weeks ago from a BLM leader espousing this very concept.

Your rights to property, to be secure in your home, to privacy, to say what you want, to assemble, to worship as you see fit only exist if someone is protecting them. In 2020, sparked by the Rona, we found many arguing that people going to church for example violated their rights because maybe they would spread a virus. Well how is that any different from spreading a flu. These same people supported the rights of people to gather in the street, destroy property, and loot because apparently that doesn’t spread the virus. The constitution exists purely to stop these kinds of actions from the government but not to stop individuals from doing something that might spread a virus. This is why we have so many on the left trying to weaken the rule of law in order to get people to behave as they see fit.

Imagine if you will a world where all local police defunded. Imagine the rights of the states to make their own determination on things like the Rona being disregarded. Imagine being told you cannot use your property as you see fit because of some environmental regulation and then imagine that they have taken away your guns so you can do nothing about it. That is a fascist society my friends. The only thing protecting your rights is local law enforcement and your own guns.

I was once asked how a self described “Civil Libertarian” such as myself can support a tyrant like Donald Trump. I replied how is he a tyrant? The fact is that the entire Democratic platform is about increasing the reach and scope of the Federal Government. The truth is that the Federal Government under Trump is functioning more as it was designed to in a long time. It is leaving more up to the states than it ever has and that is what is upsetting so many. If you cannot see that the GOP is the only thing that is concerned about your individual liberties I do not know what to tell you.

For those of you who can see that is what is happening all I can say is…