Conservative Patriots Protest US Chinese Embassy Twitter; Chinese Embassy Cowers, Locks Account

It was just a normal Monday summer night. The warmth of the day radiated off the earths crust as the sun was setting. Matthew Foldi’s birthday party was the highlight of the day on twitter. And other than that was a pretty quiet Monday on the bird site.

And then.

Out of pure stupidity, thinking they were immune from a ratio, the Chinese US Embassy’s account decided to get mad online about a potential Tik Tok ban.

I’ll keep this short. They are not immune from the holy ratio. @ComfortablySmug noticed the tweet, much to his amusement. It was, however, upon suggestion from @andrew4duval that caused Smug to signal the Minions and for them to dutifully protest CCP oppression, corruption and terror. . . in the form of a tweet storm that featured the Taiwanese flag.

Here is some of the carnage

Many were blocked by the Embassy during the skirmish which as our own Nero put it was...,.,.


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