ComfortablySmug's Charity Drive Surpasses 10K to Help Hungry Americans

As we exclusively reported on two weeks ago, @ComfortablySmug initiated a fundraising effort on April 27th, to raise money for those in need as a result of the Coronavirus. The charity drive, run under the Smug Industries banner, committed 100% of sales proceeds for ANY merchandise purchased via the website (including some newly unveiled and fashionable Smug Industries themed face masks) to two charities, Meals on Wheels America and Feeding America.

In the two weeks since our initial report, twitter has been littered with tweets from excited minions showing off their freshly acquired Smug Industries gear:

In effort to try and reach the $10,000.00 milestone, last week @ComfortablySmug debuted new dog and cat patterned masks, designed by the outrageously talented Maggie Howell:

Apparently, it worked. as over the weekend, Smug announced that the charity drive has, indeed, surpassed the $10,000.00 threshold:

The minions, for their part, were very proud and grateful for this accomplishment:

When reached for comment on eclipsing this milestone, a spokesman for Smug Industries stated: “Smug Industries is pleased to have surpassed over $10,000 in money raised in under one month for two top charities: @_MealsOnWheels and @FeedingAmerica. These masks are made in America in Kentucky and California, providing jobs to hardworking Americans while supporting those who have lost theirs due to the pandemic.”

According to @smugindustries the charity drive will last "[a]s long as any state in the US has a lockdown keeping Americans from working." If you would like to contribute, please visit