ComfortablySmug Raises Money to Help Americans During Crisis

Two weeks ago, @ComfortablySmug unveiled his campaign to help raise money for those in need as a result of the Coronavirus. The initiative, run via Smug Industries unveiled a new line of stylish face-masks for purchase, many of which are emblazoned with the Smug Industries logo. According to Smug, 100% of the sales proceeds for ANY merchandise purchased via will go to two very worthwhile charities, Meals on Wheels America and Feeding America:

As should surprise literally nobody, the Minions we're quick to support the cause, posting screenshots of orders they made that day in effort to do their part:

The masks, it should be noted, not only help provide meals to those in need and protect the public from the spread of the virus, but they also support the American workers manufacturing them in Hebron, Kentucky.

The merit, thoughfulness and decency behind this endeavor was not lost on the community at large, including @Team_Mitch and former United States ambassador to the U.N., @NikkiHaley, who both shared the link on their own timeline in effort to help spread the word:

When asked for comment on the current amount of funds raised via this initiative, a spokesman for Smug Industries provided the latest fundraising numbers exclusively to Flappr:

Not bad for two weeks.

According to @smugindustries the charity drive will last "[a]s long as any state in the US has a lockdown keeping Americans from working." If you would like to contribute, visit