@ComfortablySmug, A Tribute

This is a celebration of 200k followers and a tribute piece to the absolute best account on twitter. If you’re new here or for some reason you’ve just awakened from a 10 year coma, I’m referring to @ComfortablySmug. By the end of this article you’ll have a better understanding of ComfortablySmug and why he has a legion of devoted minions.

Before we dive in, a little of my back story. I joined twitter initially in 2016, but after having 2 account suspensions by the twitter gestapo I decided to hang it up for awhile. I returned to twitter once again in 2018 because I missed the complete destruction of journos and bluechecks by Smug. He has this way of drawing you in and keeping you consistently entertained. He pushes all the right people's buttons. After following and interacting more with Smug’s tweets I began to see he wasn’t just an incredibly talented troll, he’s also extremely intelligent, and behind the witty exterior there’s a kind and caring soul. I’ve gotten to know some beautiful people just by interacting with Smug’s tweets. The minions are not just a group of blind, dumb followers. We are family, we are connected, we are organized, we get shit done and we have a blast keeping the faith, holding the line, and owning those godless libs.

There is nobody on twitter more deserving of having an army of devoted followers than @ComfortablySmug and if you weren’t already convinced of this, you will be a minion by the time you’re done reading. This tribute is going to highlight some of Smug’s best work and should serve as a love letter from the minions to him.


The Minions on Smug

To appreciate Smug and the miniondom writ at large you must understand the role @MatthewFoldi, @ComfortablySmug’s almost-always-fired-sort-of assistant, serves in curating some of the madness. He may be a tofu eating lib, but he’s our lib and there is nobody better to help kick this love fest off:

From @MatthewFoldi -

“There is only one must follow account on this hell site: @ComfortablySmug. Smug is more than the sum of his minion parts--he is our knight clad in Smug Industries armor, who we will blindly follow against any foe, foreign or domestic.
I don't think anyone will ever truly realize how vast the community of Smug's minions is. This really struck me when he and I *flew to Vegas* to prevent Harry Reid from rigging the caucus against Bernie. We were the only conservatives in a Dem caucus site, when suddenly someone approaches us, introduces himself as a minion who had been following our live updates, and stopped by to say hello.
On a broader level, I know that both my INBOX: and friend group wouldn't be the same were it not for the community of minions that Smug has created over his years of nonstop posting.
Smug is the hero we need and don't deserve to lead us into the hellfires of 2020, and beyond. While I have lost track of how many times he has publicly fired me, I know that I will be a loyal Smug minion until the day this site shuts down for good, when we will move on to newer, more fertile ground.
Trust me and my Lived Experiences™. The Minions truly are the greatest force on earth.
Once a #TopMinion, always a #TopMinion."

Comfortablysmug has inspired and touched so many minions, that this section of tributes could extend for pages, hours and days. I couldn't get everyone's thoughts (and I am very sorry if you didn't get your chance), but this post would not be complete if some minions didn't get their own chance to weigh in:

From @Soylent_Lament -

“Lord Smug runs the Pandora’s Box of weird twitter. Who knows what awesome and terrifying spectacles lie ahead now that he leads 200k minions? Soylord expects that the future will involve the wailing of many owned libs.”

From @ElderBartleby -

"Comfortablysmug is the sole reason why I stuck around twitter and the sole reason this website exists. When I first started getting into actually participating on twitter, Smug was the first account I saw straight up mock the Libs directly to their faces. Not just write a benign tweet about why some insane progressive thought was wrong, but actually just tell the Libs that they're fucking insane and should be sent away (to Gitmo, preferably).
Whether he realizes it or not, he represents a lot more than just a twitter account to many of the minions - he's our representative, our voice and our ability to say "back the fuck off" to the ridiculousness of the Lib twitter establishment. Smug himself is hilarious, but the replies to his tweets are can't miss as well.
There is no account on Twitter that has brought together as many smart, funny and creative people as Smug's account has and he is very generous with using his own account to help signal boost others. Essentially, Twitter would be so much worse without him and we're all lucky he continues to waste part of his life entertaining the masses."

From @GrubbstarVA -

"Like a bright shining light at the end of a very dark tunnel, there Smug was with all his minions. I followed the flame of his torch until I could see and since then Twitter has never been the same. His wit and knowledge are as boundless as his legion. A legion I’m fortunate to be part of. There is no place I’d rather be then alone together with Smug leading the way. Thanks Smug, I sincerely adore you."


"When I first started on Twitter, I found Smug and his tweet laying out 3 tips for this site (in sum): 1) block frequently, 2) find your tribe, and 3) accepting you are already dead is key to thriving on twitter. I immediately followed and never looked back.  Since that first tweet, Smug has taken many under his wing and forged many strong alliances. In doing so the minions have banded together and ride through this site creating chaos in the timelines of so many. Loved by the people and feared by the bluechecks - this hellhole of a site needs you more than ever. Congrats on 200K, Smug!!"

From @Grand_Handsome -

"Well, I followed Smug for the same reason everyone else did. I couldn’t stop laughing at his Tweets. The thing about Smug though is even though he’s got a huge account he’s always interacting with the minions. Because of Smug I’ve met a lot of true friends. He’s created the greatest community on twitter, not just content wise, but of spirit and generosity. The minions do everything they can for each other and Smug is always right there in the mix. I remember one time I asked for some prayers when my grandfather had to go to the hospital. Smug didn’t even follow me but showed up sending prayers and the next thing I know I was flooded with well wishes. You follow for the humor but you stay because of his acts of kindness."

From @GrowtheFKUP -

"I had a twitter account for years but rarely used it, keeping my political trolling to my friends and family on Facebook for the most which was of course a lot of fun. Several friends, the ones who really enjoyed my trolling on Facebook, kept telling me about this Twitter account called “Comfortably Smug” that I would just love. After weeks, maybe months, of prodding I finally logged into Twitter and found Smug.
My God! It was glorious. It was through Smug that I learned you can troll complete strangers on social media. It was a true awakening to realize that I didn’t have to limit my being blocked to family members and one time close friends anymore. There were complete strangers out there that would get so upset about not taking politics seriously that it would ruin their day.
It was less than a year into my new found joy of Twitter that I was discovered by minions and brought into the fold. Soon after I was blessed by having Smug himself follow me, I can tell you all it was for a Simpsons Monkey Knife Fight Meme about Warren and Sanders fighting for all of our enjoyment which earned me that honor, and I found myself building as close to genuine friendships on the internet that an absurdist like me can form.
Congratulations to Comfortably Smug for reaching this milestone of influence and may this timeline get even more bizarre than it already is."

From minion mom/queen @ebeth360 -

"I remember following ComfortablySmug back in December of 2016. That was when conservative Twitter was mourning the win of President Trump. But I was not. I was excited and looking forward to his presidency since I supported and voted for him. ComfortablySmug’s timeline seemed so fun. I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic about Trump but he was upsetting people on the right and left and I was enjoying it.
Smug makes every day Twitter so much better. You can’t beat “Jonah Goldberg’s dogs are very bad dogs”, “gotta hear both sides”, or a” journos to GITMO” post. From my calculation, Twitter has had about 4,600 insane days (Smug joined in October 2008), and will experience 4,600 more. Congratulations on getting to 200k followers!"

From @Kosherdoll -

Despite his horrible taste in boots, I will follow ComfortablySmug into battle against these nerdy libs every day. Without him, my GenX rage would be reduced to complaining about how MTV just isn’t the same anymore. Before Smug, I had been living in the shadow of that large bodied, groundhog killer, Bill DeBlasio here in NYC. I was completely engulfed in the darkness of that giraffe’s shade, but Smug picked me up, dusted me off, and sent me into battle. Now I not only come with an army of friends to own these libs, but also a fabulous wardrobe courtesy of @SmugIndustries. The best part is every penny I spent to outfit myself in Smugwear went to Feeding America. IRL it’s hard to find inspiration and confidence and I am thankful to be a part of a group who understands that real men are 6’ and above. I never thought that the Twitter Hellscape would end up being the place I feel most at home, but here I am. Thank you, Comfortably Smug!"

From @Jen_myPsalms182 -

"I follow Smug because while he's the best lib-owning, furry-destroying, smart alec, wiseguy on Twitter, he's also secretly the sweetest... plus, he loves cats and dunks on little Marco. It's all glorious."

And last but definitely not least, from @Bonnie_Glick -

"No better advocate for boomer naps and Top Minions! Forever Comfortable. Forever Smug."


There is no account that finds buttons and pushes them with the precision and artistry quite like Smug does. Whether it’s clowning on Libs or pointing out that THING that everyone is thinking or going through but nobody wants to talk about... (quarantine hair, wearing pajamas, the takes in your DMs that are TOO spicy for the TL) nobody stirs the pot quite like Smug. Here are some of our favorites from the Crown Prince of Twitter Chaos:



Like a mama bear bobcat protecting and training its young, there are few things more wholesome or terrifying than observing Smug when a minion does good or a Lib takes a run at the pack. Re-Live some of our favorite tweets on Smug’s love for his minions:



Every minion knows that there is a softer side to Smug, one that fucking loves cute and fluffy things, especially cats and kittens. On a given day, Smug’s timeline is peppered with adorable kittens, farm animals, and whatever other adorable thing that he finds. If you didnt know, now you know and you can see some of our favorites below



If you weren't already convinced that Smug's account is the best before (seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?), you are now. I want to highlight the good hearted, charitable Smug. I don't think he gets told thank you enough for how much he has helped so many, this includes raising over $10k for Meals On Wheels and Feeding America which is still ongoing and if you'd like to donate to a great cause while also getting some quality products made here in America, visit SmugIndustries.com

Highlights Of The Unbelievably Thoughtful Smug:


It's all straight forward from here, folks. Smug to 200k, then 2 million, then advisor to President Trump, then President Bobcat. Merrick Garland, PBUH, is smiling down blessings from the heavens.

I would love to hear why you follow @ComfortablySmug. Use the hashtag #IFollowSmugBecause and or #SmugTo200K and let me know!