CNN's Ratings Are Trash; Down 71% Without Trump

At least once a month, I write a piece about corporate media to bash them for their intellectual dishonesty or to point out now that they don’t have Trump to kick around their ratings are trash.

You’d think at a certain point there would be nothing else to say but I saw something today that made me fire off yet another Flappr article.


Holy moly, how do you lose nearly 8 out of 10 viewers and still have a job?! I guess anything goes at CNN. Recently, it was revealed that Chris Cuomo would regularly join in conference calls to strategize the best way to minimize damage from the many scandals recently revealed for his brother – the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. This was such a breathtaking lapse of journalistic ethics that I thought there would be no way he could escape some form of punishment. How foolish of me! He apologized on-air and that was the end of it.

Don Lemon isn’t the only with ratings issues at CNN, though. Brian Stelter ratings last week for his show averaged a dismal 122,000 viewers among the key demo of adults age 25-54 and only had 810,000 total viewers. Think about that! 85% of the people watching his show are boomers that don’t realize that podcasts and You Tube are replacing the dead medium of cable news like CNN.

Above are the most recent ratings and just look at the differences between CNN and Fox or MSNBC. Cuomo is the only one at CNN that can even crack the one million viewer mark while most shows on Fox and MSNBC do. Every single other show on CNN struggles to get anywhere near that number. Well, I guess we know now why Cuomo is not going to get suspended or fired for helping his brother.

I don’t know how this network can continue with those numbers and it makes me wonder what CNN head Jeff Zucker is planning to do about it. He recently announced he was staying with the network through the end of the year. Does this mean he has some sort of plan to turn the ship around? Or was this just Discovery CEO David Zaslav (the new owner of CNN) throwing a bunch of money at Zucker as they complete their merger with AT&T's WarnerMedia? I guess we’ll find out as the year progresses.

The Poynter Institute keeps a list of all recent media layoffs or closings that I consult regularly to watch old media die. Man, do I hope to start seeing CNN’s “journalists” on that list and God willing one day – CNN itself.